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Amanda Knox Tackles Motherhood And Meredith Kercher On Podcast 'Call Her Daddy'

The author says that she looks at the 2007 rape and murder of her roommate from a different perspective since giving birth.

By Jax Miller
8 Facts About Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox, the American student first convicted and then acquitted of the murder of her roommate in Italy, is getting candid about motherhood and the legacy of her name.

Knox, 34, sat with Alex Cooper of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast to discuss her sudden thrust into the spotlight when she was wrongfully convicted in the 2007 murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher. Of the many topics discussed — including the vilification of female sexuality and where she stands with the victim’s family — Knox speaks candidly about her new role as a mother.

She also brought her newborn daughter, Eureka Muse Knox-Robinson, to the podcast studio.

Owing to the notoriety surrounding the sensationalized murder trial, Cooper asked her guest if she ever considered leaving the "Knox" out of her child’s name.

Knox said she had.

“The world has always acted like there’s something wrong with me… And that’s not my problem,” said Knox. “There’s nothing wrong with me, and therefore, my daughter can embrace the fact that I am her mom, even while I’m trying to protect her from all these forces that are ultimately beyond my control.”

Last October, Knox shared what she said would be “the only picture I will ever share “of her daughter on social media.  

“Since my exoneration, I’ve struggled to reclaim my identity and protect the people I love from being exploited as tabloid content,” she posted on Instagram. “It’s not easy, and I often feel like I’m trying to invent good choices out of bad whole cloth.”

The author and activist said she anticipated the day when she’d have to teach her daughter about what happened to her — and that life wasn’t always fair.

“I’m going to let her guide her own understanding of my case,” Knox said. “She’s going to know from being around me that there’s something about the justice system that is a little questionable, and when she’s ready, she’ll ask me. And I’m going to be totally honest.”

Knox also explained how motherhood changed the way she looks back at the rape and murder of Meredith Kercher.

“She was totally her own person, and had her own dreams, and her own life, and her own family, and that all got taken away,” continued Knox. “And as much as my identity has been usurped by this whole, horrible tragedy, talk about her identity.”

Particularly on the anniversaries of Kercher’s death, Knox said she has always tried to imagine what it would have been like to stand in the victim’s shoes during her final, “horrible, horrible” moments.

“This year, I couldn’t help but put myself in her mom’s shoes and thinking, ‘Oh my God, if that happened to my baby,’ what do you do?” Knox started to cry. “You totally understand how her mom would have willingly taken her daughter’s place if she could. And she couldn’t.”

Knox expressed how she hoped to one day speak to Kercher's family.

“I know it’s a complicated situation,” said Knox. “It’s unclear to me at this point how they feel about me, and I don’t want to force a relationship onto them if it’s traumatic for them.”

Knox sent messages through “intermediaries” but had yet to get a response. 

“I want the same thing that they want, said Knox. “I want to know the truth.”

The entire episode, “Amanda Knox – ‘I Didn’t F****** Do It,’” can be heard here.

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