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Two Men Get 40 Years For 'Unimaginably Cruel' Torture Of Woman That Left Burns On 21 Percent Of Her Body

Quantavius Jones and Irving Madden were convicted of kidnapping Jones' girlfriend, handcuffing her to a pole, where they beat her with pans and skillets and threw scalding water on her.

By Dorian Geiger

Two men who abducted and tortured an Indiana woman in 2018 were handed 40-year prison sentences on Monday. 

Quantavius Jones, 29, and Irving Madden, 23, were convicted on Dec. 13 of kidnapping Jones’ girlfriend from her Indianapolis home a little more than a year prior. The pair were found guilty of a slew of felonies including two counts of kidnapping, two counts of aggravated battery, and criminal confinement.

The two men handcuffed the woman to a pipe — and later to a chair — after a package belonging to Jones that was supposed to be delivered to the victim’s house went missing, authorities said. They beat her with a pan and threw boiling water on the woman, causing burns to more than 21 percent of her body, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by Oxygen.com

“The torture inflicted on this young woman is unimaginably cruel,” Marion County prosecutor Ryan Mears said in a statement following the sentence being handed down. “The survivor showed great strength by testifying at trial, that ultimately led to these men being held accountable for this heinous crime.”

Irving Madden Quantavioous Jones Pd

Around 3 p.m. on Oct. 24, 2018, police received a call from the victim’s mother, who believed that her daughter had been kidnapped, and was being held against her will by her boyfriend, whom the woman identified as Jones. The victim later turned up at a hospital. She had sustained third-degree burns to nearly a quarter of her body. She also suffered facial injuries, a lacerated liver, and a perforated eardrum. The woman quickly identified Jones and Madden as her abductors. 

A day earlier, she told police, Jones, who also went by “Ruby Q the Rapper,” phoned her and asked if he could have a package delivered to her home. When the package didn’t arrive the next day, an irate Jones drove to her home and picked her up. First, they flagged down a UPS driver, whom Jones confronted, asking if he had dropped off any packages at the woman’s home. The driver was unsure. As the couple continued to drive, Jones phoned his cousin Madden. 

“Grab a chair and some tools and put it in the basement,” Jones told Madden, according to police. “This bitch stole from me.”

When she heard this, the victim said she unsuccessfully tried to jump from her boyfriend’s vehicle. Once at Madden’s home, the two men dragged her to the basement inside, and took her cell phone. 

She was handcuffed to her a pipe while Madden brandished a semi-automatic pistol. The woman claimed Madden pointed the gun at her, repeatedly racked the slide, and told his cousin, “Just let me off this bitch.” Jones then allegedly plugged a power drill into the wall, but the outlet didn’t work. 

The pair proceeded to interrogate the victim about where Jones' “s--t” was, and eventually poured scalding water on the woman’s back and bludgeoned her with a skillet. When she collapsed, police said the men punched and kicked her in the face. They then stripped her of her clothes, forced her into a bathtub, and continued to burn her with hot water.

"Madden threw a second pan of scalding water onto her, burning her arms, chest and legs,” according to the probable cause affidavit. “Madden and Jones then repeatedly punched and kicked [the victim] while she laid in the bathtub.”

The two men then discussed killing the woman, police said. But instead, they dressed her in Madden’s clothes, hauled her back to Jones’ vehicle, drove her to the east side of Indianapolis, and forced her to get out. 

The woman said she had her hair ripped out during the ordeal, and lost consciousness more than 10 times. She needed a skin graft following the attack. 

A SWAT team later raided Madden’s home on West 29th Street in Indianapolis, seizing forensic evidence that tied the two men to the horrific torture. The victim also identified both men in a police lineup.

“We’re certainly disappointed in the length of the sentence,” John Razumich, Madden’s defense attorney, told Oxygen.com

Razumich said his client was “genuinely remorseful” and that substance abuse issues drove him to assist Jones in carrying out the abduction and torture. 

“This was a bad situation from start to finish,” Razumich added. “We recognize that [the victim] was injured and that Mr. Madden does have a debt to pay to society. We’re hoping that he’s able to move on from this and overcome his addictions and be rehabilitated.” 

Both Jones and Madden have extensive criminal records. Jones’ prior arrest record includes numerous assault charges, as well as battery of a police officer, robbery, and drug charges. Madden was also previously arrested for battery. 

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