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'Anti-Feminist' Lawyer Suspected In Attack On New Jersey Judge's Family Ranted About Women In Seething Online Tirades

Roy Den Hollander, who authorities believe went to the home of Judge Esther Salas disguised as a FedEx delivery man and shot her son and husband, raged against women and wrote of settling scores with his enemies following an apparent cancer diagnosis.

By Jill Sederstrom
Roy Den Hollander Fb

A self-described “anti-feminist” lawyer suspected of fatally shooting a New Jersey federal judge’s son Sunday before later taking his own life, had a seething hatred of women detailed in rambling misogynistic rants posted online.

Roy Den Hollander, 72, left behind thousands of pages of hate-filled online screeds attacking women—who he often referred to as “feminazis”—including his former wife, doctors, Obama-appointed judges and his own mother.

“Now is the time for all good men to fight for their rights before they have no rights left,” Hollander, a self-described “men’s rights” advocate, wrote on his homepage.

One 1,700-page rant that appeared to be a draft of his memoir titled “Stupid Frigging Fool” fantasized about raping a judge who presided over his divorce and took aim at his former wife, describing her as a “Russian mafia prostitute,” according to NBC News.

Of his own mother, Hollander wrote “may she burn in hell,” The New York Post reports.

The 72-year-old also wrote about Judge Esther Salas, whose New Jersey home he went to on Sunday disguised as a Fed Ex delivery man. When Salas’ 20-year-old son Daniel Anderl opened the door, he was shot through the heart and killed, according to The New York Times.

Salas’ husband, 63-year-old defense attorney Mark Anderl, was also shot multiple times and is in stable condition at a local hospital.

Salas had been in the basement of the North Brunswick home at the time of the shooting and was unharmed.

Salas had been serving as the judge in a case brought by Hollander in 2015 that argued that the male-only United States military draft was discriminatory.

Hollander left the ongoing case last year after telling the litigator taking over the case that he had terminal cancer.

Hollander described Salas both as a “hot Latina judge” and a “lazy and incompetent Latina judge appointed by Obama” in the online rants.

“At first, I wanted to ask the Judge out, but thought she might hold me in contempt,” he wrote.

Hollander also took aim at Salas' legal background and questioned her position as a federal judge.

“Salas worked as an associate in an ambulance chasing firm doing basic criminal work. Left that firm to work as a public defender in the New Jersey District Court representing lumpen proletariat ne’er-do-wells,” he wrote according to The New York Post. “Joined 135 politically correct organizations trying to convince America that whites, especially white males, were barbarians, and all those of a darker skin complexion were victims.”

New York State Police later discovered Hollander’s body about two hours from the judge’s home in Liberty, New York. He had died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

After investigators discovered the body, they also found a photo of New York State’s chief judge Janet M. DiFiore in his car, The New York Times reports. The FBI notified DiFiore that both her name and photo were found in the vehicle but it's not clear whether she had been another alleged target of the anti-feminist lawyer.

Authorities are also trying to determine whether Hollander may have been involved in the shooting of another attorney, Marc Angelucci. Angelucci was killed earlier this month in his California home, allegedly by a man who had also been wearing a Fex Ex uniform.

Investigators are now looking into the possibility that the 72-year-old had been hunting his enemies after receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis—a fate he seemingly hinted about in his manifesto.

“Death’s hand is on my left shoulder … nothing in this life matters anymore,” he wrote, according to The New York Post. “The only problem with life lived too long under Feminazi rule is that man ends up with so many enemies he can’t even the score with all of them.”

Hollander—who once called women the “real oppressors” during a 2008 Fox News appearance—had a long-standing practice of filing lawsuits against programs he believed favored women, even once filing a class action lawsuit against Manhattan nightclubs for offering “ladies’ nights.”

“I knew about Temporary Orders of Protection that the Feminazis ruthlessly used to intimidate men into doing their bidding. All a girl needed to do was go before a judge, pretend 1 to cry, tell a lie—a female’s favorite and most effective weapon—about some man threatening or harassing her, and the judge immediately issued a domestic Temporary Order of Protection,” he wrote in one rambling.

Hollander also had vitriol-filled rantings directed at his doctors writing, “The Stones in their song ‘Sympathy for the Devil’—left out one category—cancer doctors, not all, but many.”

According to The Post, Hollander had also written an email in January to reporters saying he was “painfully dying from metastasized cancer” and was suing New York Presbyterian Hospital, along with his doctor and the hospital’s doctors.

“The hospital exploits the image of a caring family, when in reality, it acts like a vindictive Mafia family,” he wrote.

The investigation into Hollander’s activities before his death remains ongoing.

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