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Houston Man Whose Mom Maintained He Was Missing Since He Was 17 No Longer Wants Contact with Her, Aunt Says

Rudy Farias' aunt believes that "action should be taken” in regard to her nephew falsely being considered missing for eight years.

By Elisabeth Ford
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The 25-year-old man who resurfaced after he was first reported missing eight years ago, only to reveal he had been living with his mother the whole time, no longer wants to have contact with her, according to his aunt.

Pauline Sanchez told NBC News that she saw her nephew, Rudolph “Rudy” Farias IV, for the first time Thursday night, after not seeing or hearing from him in eight years.

“I felt great presence. It was beautiful. We hugged until I finally let go. He’s a bit skinny,” she said outside of a friend’s house, where Farias plans to stay for the time being. “He’s doing well but plans to stay away from his mother.”

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Farias was first reported missing by his mother, Janie Santana, on March 7, 2015, after the then-17-year-old didn't come home from taking his two dogs on a walk the evening before, Santana said at the time.

Eight years later, he was reported to be found at a Houston church on June 29 of this year after purportedly being missing the entire time.

Rudolph Farias

But according to police, Farias actually returned home March 8, 2015, the day after he was reported missing, and had been living with Santana for the last eight years.

Questions surrounding Farias’ disappearance came to light when neighbors who'd seen stories of him being found were shocked to hear that the man had been considered missing for the last eight years.

"He used to come in my garage, chill with my cousin, son, and daughter," Kisha Ross — who lived on the same street as Santana, according to court records — told Houston-based TV station KTRK. "That boy has never been missing."

Police said Thursday that Santana misled officers when coming in contact with her and Farias by giving them fake names and dates of birth.

Sanchez said she didn’t pry her nephew for details about the last eight years.

“His mentality, he needs to get well. He’s going to be cautious. I still feel that he’s traumatized and gone through a lot. I still feel action should be taken,” the aunt said. “He doesn’t want to see his mom and doesn’t want to go back to his mom.”

After Sanchez received word about her nephew’s return, she went to her stepsister Santana’s home, where Farias had been living, according to NBC News. Finding no one home, she drove across town to find Farias, having been tipped off about where he's been staying since resurfacing.

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According to NBC News, Sanchez was yelled at and had the police called on her after trying to see her nephew. But she was eventually let in through the backyard of the house and met her nephew.  

“At first it got off to a bad start," she said. "All that matters is he is safe and sound."

"He's safe. He's comfortable. He did make the statement that he doesn't want to see his mom. He doesn't want to go back to his mom," Sanchez told local TV station KTRK.

Santana has not been charged with any crimes related to her son's false disappearance at this time. 

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