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Man Allegedly Broke Into Family's Home And Changed Into Lingerie

Shaun McGuire, who has a history of exposing himself in public, was taken into custody hours after Matthew Eschrich's family contacted authorities to report a home intruder.

By Dorian Geiger
Shaun Mcguire Pd 1

A California man was arrested after allegedly breaking into a family’s home, changing into lingerie, and prowling through a Sacramento suburb in nothing but a bra and panties.

Shaun McGuire was charged with indecent exposure, trespassing, burglary, loitering, and violating his parole in the bizarre Saturday incident, police said. 

“Last night a resident woke to find a man in his home, in only a bra and panties,” stated the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office. “The suspect fled, jumped fences and ran through several backyards.”

Homeowner Matthew Eschrich woke up around 2 a.m. on Oct. 12 after he heard his 5-month old baby fussing and stumbled through the darkness to make a bottle for the child when he noticed his auto-sensor hallway lights had been triggered. 

He thought maybe it was his sister-in-law, who sometimes worked late shifts at In-N-Out Burger. But Eschrich told Oxygen.com that when he proceeded down the hallway he heard “a lot of scuffling and commotion.” Then a door slammed and he heard “shuffling” coming from his garage. Eschrich bolted upstairs to tell his wife someone had broken into their home and to call 911. 

At that moment, his sister-in-law arrived at their home and witnessed the night-crawling bandit’s dramatic exit.

“She calls me and says, ‘Oh my god there’s somebody outside who just ran through your garage and he’s wearing nothing but a bra and panties,’” Eschrich recounted.

Eschrich’s sister-in-law described the suspect as “trim” and a “pretty big guy.” She said she could see the man crouching behind a neighbor’s bushes, and observed said he was still “peeking” into the house. 

Authorities responded, set up a perimeter, and deployed police dogs. Hours later, law enforcement said they arrested “now naked” McGuire nearby. 

“No doubt he must have been cold,” said Eschrich, who noted the temperature was in the mid-40s that morning.

Shaun Mcguire Pd

Eschrich believes the man changed into the lingerie in his home. He said the bra and panties the suspect was allegedly wearing didn’t belong to him or his wife. Police, too, were unable to confirm where the lingerie came from. 

“I’ll never forget that sight,” Eshcrich described. “It was certainly something you hear about you read about, you don’t think it’s something that’s going to happen to you until it does. The whole premise of somebody in my house in my bathroom changing into lingerie — it’s extremely unnerving as you could imagine.”

Since the creepy encounter, Eschrich said “it’s hard to sleep.” 

“If we didn’t wake up, what would have happened?” he asked. “We’re just really fortunate.” 

The 28-year-old client services director explained he’s installed a handful of surveillance cameras and that his family has since adopted a rescue dog to get a “peace of mind back.” Eschrich, a gun owner, also said he relocated his firearm to a more accessible place in his home. 

“I hope we can have some levity in the future,” he added.

McGuire reportedly has a past history of sexual deviance. While stationed as an active service member in Fort Hood, Texas in the early 2000s, McGuire terrorized local businesses with his lewd behavior, according to court documents obtained by Oxygen.com.

He masturbated publicly in several convenience and department stores including K-Mart and Walmart, where he once “approached a woman, and, while standing close to her and smiling, exposed his penis and masturbated,” court documents stated. 

In another instance in 2003, the alleged bra burglar also fondled himself in the toy and cosmetic sections of a Target. 

“He went into the toy department of a Target department store, pulled out his penis, and masturbated,” court documents also stated. “He then went to the cosmetics aisle of the store, exposed his penis, and masturbated until he ejaculated.  Afterward, he rubbed his semen into the carpet with his foot and wiped his hands on the wall and a piece of clothing from a nearby cart.”  

A military judge in Texas sentenced him to 10 months confinement and a bad-conduct discharge from the army related to the series of indecent exposures. A psychiatrist at the time diagnosed McGuire with substance abuse issues and “exhibitionism.”

An arraignment for his current case involving the alleged Sacramento break-in hasn’t yet been set. He’s being held on $129,000 bond, according to online court records. 

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