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Woman Totals Car While Wearing 'Carrie' Costume, Giving First Responders Quite A Fright

“If anyone wants to know how my weekend went I totaled my car while dressed up as Carrie and everyone who was a first responder thought I was dead," college student Sidney Wolfe wrote on Twitter after hitting a deer in Ohio.

By Jill Sederstrom

Ohio first responders thought they were walking into something straight out of a horror movie when they encountered a woman covered in blood that soaked through her white gown and ran down her face.

But it turned out 20-year-old Sidney Wolfe was just wearing a “Carrie” costume when she hit a deer along an Ohio interstate.

If anyone wants to know how my weekend went I totaled my car while dressed up as Carrie and everyone who was a first responder thought I was dead HAHAHAHA IM SO SORRY,” she wrote on Twitter of the accidental scare.

Wolfe later told The New York Daily News that shortly after she struck the deer around 1:45 a.m. in South Point, Ohio, she realized her costume could make her injuries look far more intense.

“I remember sitting there in shock, smelling the smoke from the airbags and thinking, ‘I’m dressed as Carrie White. It looks like I’ve been mangled in a really terrible accident,’” she said.

Sidney Wolfe T

A Good Samaritan stopped to help her and was “immediately freaked out” by what he saw.

“I motioned I was okay, trying to say it’s makeup, but he was already on his phone. Then the whole shebang started with three ambulances and two fire trucks.”

Wolfe tried to de-escalate the situation by calling into 911 herself and reporting that she was in “full makeup” and didn’t want to scare the first responders, but the message never got passed along.

“The cops were still frightened when they saw me. No one knew what was fake blood and what might be real blood,” she told The Daily News. “The costume was done really, really well.”

Even after many of the first responders realized the blood was just a part of the costume, another responder came up to the group, asking "I hate to interrupt but don’t you guys think she needs medical assistance?” according to NBC News.

The only real injury Wolfe suffered was a small bruise on her leg.

Wolfe had been wearing the costume at a haunted house that night to promote an upcoming production of “Carrie—The Musical” at the Paramount Arts Center in Ashland.

She accomplished her mission to bring attention to the production after the tweet about the unintentional fright went viral and was retweeted more than 74,000 times.

The Marshall University student wasn’t even actually playing Carrie in the musical, but had been called to fill in at the haunted house after the woman playing the role got sick.

“I was so excited to wear the makeup,” Wolfe told NBC News.

Her actual role was that of Sue Snell, another female lead in the production.

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