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Woman Allegedly Murdered Man In Meth-Fueled Sex Fetish Killing

Taylor Schabusiness, 24, allegedly told detectives that police were “going to have fun trying to find all of the organs” of the unidentified Green Bay man.

By Dorian Geiger

A Wisconsin woman is accused of decapitating a 24-year-old man during a violent, drug-fueled sex killing last week and stashing his head in a bucket at his family home.

Taylor Denise Schabusiness, 24, allegedly confessed to strangling an unidentified man to death with a metal chain and sexually assaulting his dead body, which she later dismembered. 

Police were tipped off to the horrific killing on Feb. 23 after the victim’s mother found her son’s head inside a bucket covered by a blanket in her Green Bay home’s basement.

Upon arrival, police located the man’s head, “severed from the neck,” near a staircase, according to a criminal complaint obtained by Oxygen.com. A “male organ,” body fluid, and two knives were also found inside the bucket. More body parts were found in plastic bags scattered around the basement. 

An additional three blades, including a bread knife, were also located. The man’s torso, as well as other bodily organs, were later found in a storage tote, the complaint alleged. His mutilated body showed signs of strangulation, according to a pathologist. 

Taylor Denise Schabusiness Pd

The man’s mother later told authorities she’d last seen her son alive two days earlier. She claimed that Schabusiness had picked her son up in a minivan on Feb. 21 and that her boyfriend had heard the pair return to the property and go into the basement the next day. 

The Wisconsin mother later awoke to find her son’s body parts strewn about the basement.

Schabusiness, who was arrested at a nearby apartment building, was found by police covered in blood, according to authorities. Additional human body parts, including the man’s legs, were found in a crock pot box inside her van. 

She was charged with first-degree murder, mutilating a corpse, third-degree sexual assault, as well as a probation violation in connection with the gory incident. 

Under questioning, Schabusiness allegedly taunted authorities, telling investigators that they were “going to have fun trying to find all of the organs” of the mutilated corpse.

Schabusiness later confessed to the killing, stating she was high on drugs and “blacked out” when she choked the man to death with a metal chain while the two were having sexual intercourse, authorities said. A glass pipe and suspected methamphetamine were found at the Green Bay home.

“Schabusiness stated that the Victim had a chain that he had put around his neck,” the complaint stated. “The strangulation was part of the sex act.”

While he laid face down on a bed, Schabusiness told police she repeatedly yanked the chain that was coiled around his throat. 

“Schabusiness stated she just went ‘crazy,’ referring to strangling the victim,” the complaint said. “At one point during the interview, Schabusiness allegedly stated she could feel the victim’s heart beating still as she was choking him, so she kept pulling and choking him harder, but the victim would not die.”

The man ultimately began to cough up blood, Schabusiness said.

“She was just waiting for him to die while she was watching his face,” charging documents stated. “Schabusiness made the comment that she was ‘already this far’ so she just kept on, referring to choking the victim.”

He died between three and five minutes later, Schabusiness estimated. Schabusiness claimed she later passed out, woke up to discover he’d turned purple, and continued to strangle him. The Green Bay woman also allegedly admitted to performing further explicit sexual acts on her dead boyfriend’s body for the next two to three hours before dismembering him.

“Schabusiness stated she enjoyed choking him and made comments to detectives asking if they knew what it was like to love something so much that you kill it,” the complaint alleged.

Officials didn’t elaborate on the nature of the relationship between Schabusiness and the victim. During her police interview, however, Schabusiness insisted she and victim had previously experimented with sexual asphyxia. Police, who said the victim didn’t live at his mother’s residence, noted he was a Green Bay resident.

Schabusiness is being held on a $2 million bond at a Brown County detention facility, according to online jail records obtained by Oxygen.com

Police have remained tight-lipped about the gruesome murder investigation.

“We’re still very early in this investigation and there’s a lot of work to be done,” Green Bay Police Chief Chris Davis told reporters during a press conference on Feb. 23. “So I will apologize in advance if there are details I can’t share but I do need to be respectful of the investigative process.”

No further information was available regarding the open case this week. A spokesperson for the Green Bay police department declined to comment further on Wednesday.

“We are asking for everyone to respect the privacy of the family and friends affected by this incident while they grieve the loss of their loved one,” Captain Benjamin Allen told Oxygen.com in a statement.

Schabusiness made an initial court appearance on Tuesday. It’s unclear if she’s retained legal representation. Schabusiness was previously arrested in August 2020 for resisting arrest, online jail records show.

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