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Crime News

Dominatrix is Selling 3D Art in Prison as She Appeals Her Conviction for Poisoning Friend with Cheesecake

“I had no idea I can draw, but I am good,” Viktoria Nasyrova said in an interview at the New York prison where she's serving 21 years for the attempted murder of her one-time friend, OlgaTsvyk.

By Dorian Geiger
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A Russian-born dominatrix, who poisoned her doppelgänger with sedative-laced cheesecake in a failed attempt to steal her identity, is exploring her artistic side while behind bars.

Viktoria Nasyrova, 47, was sentenced to 21 years in prison in April for the attempted murder of her one-time friend, Olga Tsvyk, whom she poisoned with the tainted desert in 2016. She was found guilty of attempted murder in the second degree, attempted assault in the first degree, assault in the second degree, unlawful imprisonment in the first degree and petit larceny.

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Months into her sentence, Nasyrova, who is appealing her conviction, is passing the time at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility in Westchester County, New York, by undertaking a new hobby.

“I make all sorts of things for inmates: cards, posters, T-shirts,” Nasyrova told the New York Post during an interview at the prison. “Once, I made birthday decorations for an inmate’s daughter. She liked the Minions, so I made large cardboard cut-outs, painted them like the Minions.”

Split image of pills in a bag and empty cheesecake containers.

The serial poisoner claimed she previously made a few hundred dollars each month from her drawings, which include cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, Roger Rabbit, and Betty Boop. 

“I had no idea I can draw, but I am good,” Nasyrova told the Post.

“You would be very surprised. I get an enormous amount of pleasure from seeing people’s faces when I give them what they ordered from me — nobody ever expects it. I can call what I make, without false modesty, works of art... Even for me, they look like little miracles.” 

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Nasyrova’s speciality, though, is 3D art.

“My so-called ‘signature’ work is letters of people’s names — with butterflies and other things — in 3D,” she said. “Then I put on 3-D glasses, stood them up, then made T-shirts for all the kids with the Minions characters and their names on each T-shirt. It’s only the beginning.”

On August 28, 2016, Nasyrova went to Tsvyk’s home in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens, New York, for an appointment with the eyelash technician. She brought a cheesecake, of which she ate two pieces. Tsvyk ate the third and became violently ill.

A cheesecake with berries on a grey plate with a gold fork.

While recovering the following day, Nasyrova again showed up to Tsvyk’s home and fed her a soup broth, which later caused her former friend to fall into a coma. Prosecutors say Nasyrova later dressed Tsvyk in a nightgown and scattered pills around the unconscious woman to stage her friend’s would-be death as a suicide. 

Phenazepam, a potent Russian sedative, was later found in the cheesecake by federal agents. The same pills were scattered around Tsvyk’s body. 

Nasyrova was linked to the incident after investigators found her DNA on the cheesecake container in question. Officials believe Nasyrova carried out the sinister plot in order to swipe Tsvyk’s identity.

The former Russian dominatrix was also accused at trial of drugging and robbing a trio of men she’d met on online dating sites.

At trial, Queens Supreme Court Justice Kenneth Holder called Nasyrova “an extremely dangerous woman.”

As Nasyrova’s case proceeds on appeal, the 47-year-old complained she’s “on edge all the time.”

“I wasn’t like that before,” she explained. “In jail, you get the sense that something is about to happen any moment. You can be eating and then the next minute someone next to you is fighting... I can’t relax.”

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In her recent interview with the Post, Nasyrova also claimed the case against her was fabricated, accusing prosecutors and witnesses who testified against her of turning “the trial into a Broadway show.”

“I didn’t do anything,” Nasyrova claimed. “I never robbed anyone. I never killed anyone. I never tried to kill anyone. They sentenced me to 21 years for a crime I did not commit.”

Her victim, however, isn't so convinced. 

“Yeah, I planted the Phenazepam,” said Tsvyk sarcastically, according to the Post. “I poisoned myself, and all those other people also drugged themselves. Yet she is the one in jail... she is lying about everything.”

Tsvyk described Nasyrova as a “very dangerous”  and “scary person.”

“She is a manipulator and a liar,” the woman said. “I thank God that she can’t do what she’s been doing to people anymore, although who knows what she’s doing in jail. She is capable of anything.”

Tsvyk, who has been watching the appeals process in Nasyrova’s case, says she’ll fear for her safety if Nasyrova is released.

“I hope they don’t let her out early, lest she come after me,” she said.