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‘He Was Going Hunting:’ Chesapeake Walmart Mass Shooter Allegedly Targeted Employees, Says Coworker

A witness told reporters that Andre Bing went back to shoot the deceased victims to ensure they were dead. A note found in the suspect's phone might give some indication as to what motivated Bing to kill. 

By Jax Miller
Killer Motive: What Drives People To Kill?

The Walmart manager behind the shooting deaths of six employees allegedly targeted his victims, as partially outlined in a letter found on the suspect’s phone.

Andre Bing, 31, has been named as the mass shooter who opened fire in a Chesapeake, Virginia break room on Tuesday night, leaving seven dead and four injured. Chesapeake Police have not stated whether or not Bing — who died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound before police arrived — had a motive. However, one coworker said he seemed to target specific people.

“The way he was acting, he was going hunting,” employee Jessica Wilczewski told the Associated Press. “The way he was looking at people’s faces, and the way he did what he did, he was picking people out.”

Other witnesses, however, described Bing as seemingly choosing his victims at random.

“He was just shooting all throughout the room,” said employee Briana Tyler. “It didn’t matter who he hit."

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Bing, a team leader who’d worked at the location since 2010, was reportedly due to join 15 to 20 fellow employees in the break room to convene before their overnight shift. Just as the meeting began at around 10:12 p.m., coworkers stated Bing pulled out a handgun and started shooting.

Police said Bing — who has no criminal record — legally purchased the 9mm murder weapon from a local store on the morning of the shooting.

Officers arrived at the scene around two minutes after receiving the first report of a shooting, before entering the building another two minutes later.

“There was a total of seven fatalities,” police stated. “Three individuals, to include the shooter, were located deceased in the break room of the store. One victim was located deceased near the front of the store. Three other victims were transported to local hospitals for further treatment but succumbed to their injuries.”

Law enforcement work the scene of a mass shooting at a Walmart

Police have identified the victims as Kellie Pyle, 52; Brian Pendleton, 38; Lorenzo Gamble, 43; Randall Blevins, 70; Tyneka Johnson, 22; and Fernando Chavez-Barron, 16.

All but one of the victims were from Chesapeake, while Johnson was from nearby Portsmouth, Virginia.

Bing, also from Chesapeake, was the seventh victim.

Wilczewski told the Associated Press that Bing ensured the deaths of those he targeted.

“What I do know is that he made sure who he wanted dead was dead,” said Wilczewski. “He went back and shot dead bodies that were already dead. To make sure.”

She said she believed Bing spared her life because she was only five days into her new job, accounting for why Bing told her, “Jessie, go home,"  after he found her hiding under a table.

“I think he had mental issues,” former Walmart employee, Janice Strausburg, told the Associated Press. “What else could it be?”

On Friday, Chesapeake Police released a lengthy “death note” found on Bing’s phone following forensic analysis.

“Sorry, God, I’ve failed you. This was not your fault but my own,” the letter read, in part. “I failed to listen to the groans of the holy spirit, which made me a poor representation of You. I was harassed by idiots with low intelligence and a lack of wisdom. I remained strong through most of the torment, but my dignity was completely taken away beyond repair by my phone getting hacked.”

Bing accused specific employees of laughing behind his back and creating code phrases to make fun of him. Some even referred to Bing as Jeffrey Dahmer, according to Bing’s note.

“The associates gave me evil, twisted grins, mocked me, and celebrated my downfall the last day,” Bing continued. “That’s why they suffer the same fate as me.”

Bing went on to name specific individuals — whose names were redacted from the note — he accused of teasing him while naming others whose lives he intended to spare.

Bing claimed he had no intention of murdering anyone but said things “fell in place,” as though “led” by Satan.

“My God, forgive me for what I’m going to do,” the letter concluded.

Nathan Sinclair, a former employee at the Chesapeake store, told the Associated Press that Bing could be “verbally hostile” as a boss, adding he was somewhat of a loner.

“I don’t think he had many people to fall back on in his personal life,” Sinclair stated.

Tuesday night’s shooting continues to shake Chesapeake, a town of about 250,000 on Virginia’s east coast, about 10 miles south of Norfolk and 20 miles west of Virginia Beach.

On Wednesday, Chesapeake Mayor Rick West released a statement, asking the community for their prayers.

“I am devastated by the senseless act of violence that took place last night in our city. My prayers are with all those affected — the victims, their family, their friends, and their coworkers,” West stated. “I am grateful for the quick actions taken by our first responders who rushed to the scene. Chesapeake is a tight-knit community, and we are all shaken by this news. Together, we will support each other throughout this time.”

West is hosting a candlelight vigil Monday evening at the City Park to honor those lost in the mass shooting.

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