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Crime News

Adult Film Star Says She Was Drugged After Footage Of Public Intoxication Arrest Spreads Online

Body-cam footage of Jesse Jane’s arrest was published this week, prompting the adult film star to issue a statement sharing her side of the story.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

After video of her arrest for public intoxication was published online this week, adult film star Jesse Jane has claimed that what officers really captured on their body-cams was not the behavior of someone who’d had too much to drink, but the behavior of a woman who had been unknowingly drugged.

Jane, born Cindy Taylor, was taken to jail on November 10 after police found her lying on the sidewalk, seemingly heavily intoxicated after celebrating the outcome of a college football game in her native state of Oklahoma, local outlet KFOR reports. Footage of her arrest was captured by the arresting officers’ body-cams and published by the outlet on Tuesday. It shows Jane slurring her words when talking to police, who seemed to be trying to help her find a safe way home before resorting to taking her to jail.

In a statement to the New York Post, Jane said that she was drugged prior to her arrest, resulting in her being so out of it that night that she was unable to understand what was happening.

“As you can see in the story, it looks like you got great footage of me being intoxicated,” Jane said in her email statement. “But what you watched is actually the direct affects [sic] of what it looks like when someone is roofied. I was extremely incoherent as seen in the video. I couldn’t even stand up on my own.”

Jane smelled of alcohol and seemed to have urinated on herself when police came across her, according to a incident report obtained by The Post. The arresting officer claimed that the actress was “so intoxicated she could not give me a valid answer to any of the questions I asked her,” nor could she provide him with the phone number of someone who could pick her up, prompting him to arrest her for public intoxication.

Jane said in her statement to The Post that while she used to “go out and party all the time” and “get way too drunk,” that stage of her life is firmly behind her. She maintained that she had been drugged on November 10, and not for the first time.

“This is becoming a common thing everywhere in the nightclub scene but especially in college campuses,” she wrote. “I had only had 2 drinks that night. What’s funny is people want to laugh at you and make fun of you — when did it become funny for someone to get drugged and it be their fault????”

Jane was booked into the Cleveland County Jail on a charge of public intoxication, according to KFOR, but Jane claimed in her statement to The Post that she was released without being booked, and told KFOR that the authorities let her go after they realized that she had been drugged.

Jane also addressed the incident in a tweet on Friday.

“To all the internet trolls saying really hateful things acting like you know me , the real story has come out on some of the sites and more to come,” she wrote. “Being drugged is not a joking matter and is absolutely unacceptable.  The truth always comes out when sources are properly checked.”

[Photo: Instagram/Jesse Jane]