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Alabama Man Tried To Kidnap Woman And Sell Her 'Clean Virgin' Daughter For Sex

Brian David “Blaze” Boersma outfitted a trailer with a mattress, restraints and plastic. Allegedly, he was gearing up to have the woman's ex-husband beat her to death with a bullwhip.

By Gina Tron

An Alabama man could spend the rest of his life behind bars for attempting to kidnap a woman and sell her 14-year-old daughter for sex.

Brian David “Blaze” Boersma pleaded guilty to the attempted kidnapping of a mother and her daughter, according to a Monday press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Alabama.

U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town wrote that Boersma, 48  had plans to kidnap a mother, allegedly help kill her, and sell her young daughter to a pimp. His plan was thwarted by undercover FBI agents.  

Town stated that Boersma, a truck driver, allegedly asked a co-worker if he could help Boersma find someone to pay to kidnap a woman and her teen daughter. He allegedly thought he would find someone to pay $40,000 for the girl because she is a “young, clean virgin.”  Boersma then allegedly gave that co-worker $3,440 in installments for a future kidnapping.

Boersma prepared a truck trailer with a mattress and restraints. In addition to that, a metal “sex device” was found in the trailer. The items were allegedly intended to be used on the kidnapped mother and daughter.  

It appears that Boersma also even more sinister plans. Town wrote that Boersma claimed that the mother’s ex-husband wanted the two kidnapped as revenge for divorce and child support payments. Boersma allegedly said that that man wanted to beat his ex-wife to death with a bullwhip inside the trailer.

“He [Boersma] said he put plastic down inside the trailer to help with clean up. Boersma also told the undercover FBI employees that once the woman was dead, he would ‘have to go get 300 pounds of lime and dig a hole.’”

The former truck driver has pleaded guilty to multiple serious charges including attempted kidnapping of a minor, attempted kidnapping and attempted sex trafficking amongst others, according to The Ledge-Enquirer in Columbus, Georgia. Although a sentencing hearing hasn’t been set yet, Boersma reportedly could face decades behind bars.

“He will spend most, if not all, of the remainder of his life in prison…and then he has hell to look forward to,” Town wrote in his press release.

[Photo:  Decatur Police Department]

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