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Crime News

Autopsy Reveals New Mexico School Shooter Had A Swastika And Hate-Fueled Tattoos

“AMOG," meaning "alpha male" and the words "build wall" were also inked on the body of the man who attacked Aztec High School.

By Gina Tron

New disturbing details are emerging about the school shooting that took two lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico two months ago. William Atchison, 21, attacked Aztec High School on Dec. 7, killing two teens before turning a gun on himself.

In death, markings left on his body are giving investigators some insight into the shooter’s ideations. A 25-page report has just been released on Atchison's body by The Office of the Medical Investigator. According to the report, Atchison bore both a swastika and the letters "SS," an abbreviation for part of the Nazi Party, on his leg, KRQE reports. Additionally, Atchison had “AMOG” inked on that leg. “AMOG” means alpha male, a term often associated with misogyny. The words "build wall," were found above his left knee, KOB4 reports, which appears to be a reference to President Donald Trump’s promise to “build a wall” in an attempt to keep illegal immigrants out.

In December, Atchison posed as a student when he stormed the high school carrying a pistol and several magazines where he took the lives of 18-year-old Francisco Fernandez and 17-year-old Casey Marquez.

Before the shooting, the hate spread well beyond the tattoos.

The shooter had no criminal record — not even a traffic ticket — but reportedly spewed white supremacist hatred and pro-Trump rhetoric online.

He also was obsessed with former school shooters and posted under pseudonyms like “Adam Lanza” and “Future Mass Shooter” on YouTube and the white supremacist platform The Daily Stormer, according to a report in The Daily Beast.

A month before the shooting, he wrote on Steam, “How am I supposed to function in this world? Wherever I go, I see degeneracy. Pointless materialism, hedonism, sexual decay, dirty n**gers who do nothing but slowly break down this society etc. it’s f***ing everywhere. No way to escape it, 99% of people are part of it and whatever I do I am confronted with the death of the West. Go to the store and buy groceries in peace? Nope, here’s a group of LGBT liberal filth in line with you. And there’s a n**ger family with 10 kids over there.”

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[Photo: San Juan County Sheriff’s Office]