Woman Claims Boyfriend Wanted Her To Kill Him Because He Thought The Leader Of Their Cult Was A Reptile

"The one thing I did know: she was no good," Sherry Shriner, leader of the cult that both Barbara Rogers and her Steven Mineo belonged to.

A Pennsylvania woman is on trial for murdering her boyfriend, a death she's previously blamed on an alien cult. 

Barbara Rogers allegedly shot her boyfriend, Steven Mineo, in the forehead from point-blank range in 2017 in Coolbaugh Township, about 100 miles north of Philadelphia, the Associated Press reported two years ago. She claimed that Mineo asked her to kill him because he believed that the leader of the cult the couple belonged to was actually a reptile posing as a human.

Rogers’ trial began on Monday.

Her defense argues that the cult turned against her and her husband, which pushed Mineo to want his life to be ended, according to WNEP in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Rogers and Mineo both belonged to an online doomsday and alien-based cult formed by Sherry Shriner.

Barbara Rogers

“I believe that Aliens and UFOs are Fallen Angels and will fulfill Joel 2 and Revelation chapter 9 in the last days,” Shriner writes on her website.

It appears Shriner, whom Mineo allegedly claimed was a reptile in disguise, harbored a similar accusation for Rogers. She claimed she warned Mineo, 32, that Rogers was a "Vampire Witch Reptilian Super Soldier,” according to a 2017 NJ.com report.

"The one thing I did know: she was no good," Shriner said.

Detectives told WBRE in 2017 that Rogers gave conflicting stories about the shooting but did admit to killing Mineo. At one point, she allegedly claimed she didn’t think the gun was loaded. Prosecutors say that the shooting was no accident.

In a 911 call, Rogers told the dispatcher after the shooting, "My boyfriend had a gun. He told me to hold it here and press the trigger. Oh my God, he's dead!"

Rogers turned down a plea deal to a lesser charge of third-degree murder.

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