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Florida Woman Took A Bite Of Camel's Testicles After It Sat On Her, Cops Say

"The camel did nothing wrong," Iberville Parish Deputy Louis Hamilton Jr. said, instead blaming the woman for invading Caspar's space.

By M.L. Nestel
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A supposedly friendly camel named Caspar, who grazes at a Louisiana highway truck stop as a tourist attraction, allegedly suffered a particularly undignified injury at the teeth of a Florida woman last week.

On the evening of Sept. 19, Caspar was showing his hump stuff at the Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse Tete — about 20 minutes away from Baton Rouge, Lousiana — when a woman allegedly followed her dog into the animal enclosure after her pet wandered in there chasing dog treats thrown by the woman and her husband, The Advocate reported.

Caspar, it was reported, then sat on the woman, who, allegedly, reverted to her animal instincts in an effort to get free.

"She said, ‘I bit his balls to get him off of me, I bit his testicles to get him off of me,'” Iberville Parish Deputy Louis Hamilton Jr. told the publication, quoting the unidentified woman’s account of using her chops on Caspar’s privates to try and free herself from under him.

"My only question to her husband was: ‘Why did you throw the doggy treat under the fence?’" Hamilton went on to tell the publication. “And he just said, ‘I wasn’t thinking.’”

Hamilton blamed the woman and her husband for irking Caspar enough that he decided to take a seat atop the woman. 

"The camel did nothing wrong," Hamilton stressed to The Advocate. "They were aggressive. The camel was just doing its normal routine."

Tiger Truck Stop manager Pamela Bossier, 57, also placed the blame on the couple for provoking Caspar after she . said she looked at video footage captured from a camera trained on the pen at the time of the bizarre biting incident.

"They had their dog off the leash and put it on the ground to run," the woman, who has worked at the truck stop for 17 years, told Oxygen.com. "Then they had some dog treats and, to make it worse, they're throwing them over the pen for Caspar."

Caspar The Camel 1

She said the couple's dog then "went under the barbed wire and into the pen." 

Both the man and the woman, according to Bossier, followed the pooch into the pen and harassed the camel, who is also sometimes nicknamed "Jo Jo."

"They was pushing Caspar and stuff," she said. "She bent down right in front of Caspar and picked up her dog and the guy's pushing and [Caspar] reached and plopped on her legs and knocked her down."

The woman then allegedly "bit his testicles," Bossier noted. 

And, when the woman managed to get free from Caspar, Bossier said her male companion continued testing the animal for around 10 more minutes.  

"He got her out of the pen and he swatting and slapping at him and hitting him with his [baseball] cap," she said. 

It wasn't until a worker from the truck stop came over to settle Caspar down that the couple came back outside the enclosure, according to Bossier.

The business used to keep a tiger named Tony in the same enclosure until two years ago when he passed away due to renal failure, Bossier confirmed.

Ample signage warns tourists to stay out of Caspar's pen, according to The Advocate.

“The camel has never been aggressive. The camel has never gotten out, never caused any issues — in fact, the husband and wife stated before that we’ve been here before and we’ve never had any problems,” Hamilton told The Advocate.

Caspar is expected to be evaluated by a veterinarian Monday, but Bossier is hopeful he is not too wounded from the woman. 

"I don't think he's too hurt," Bossier said. "I don't see any physical bite marks under there."

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