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A Connecticut Teacher’s Aide Who Pleaded Guilty To Sexually Assaulting Teen Had Been His Preschool Teacher

Kyle Damato-Kushel allegedly abused at least three students in total. One incident involved sex with two teens at a local hotel while her children were in another room. 

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Kyle Damato-Kushel has pleaded guilty to sexual assault after abusing a student of Wooster Middle School in Stratford, Connecticut. The charges, specifically, include second-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a child.

According to The Connecticut Post, Kushel worked as one of the boy's pre-school teachers before he was a student at the middle school, when the abuse allegedly occurred. 

Damato-Kushel confirmed that she was giving up her right to trial during the guilty plea.

Under the plea bargain, Damato-Kushel will face 18 months in prison when she is sentenced on March 14. She will also be forced to register as a sex offender. 

“It is an agreed recommendation,” said Damato-Kushel’s lawyer, Richard Meehan Jr, of the deal.

“The state’s attorney’s office handled the case with sensitivity and professionalism and the victim feels it is a fair and sensible way to resolve the case short of trial,” said James Clarke, who represents the victim in this case, affirming that both the defense and the prosecution are satisfied with the arrangement.

Damato-Kushel and her legal representatives did not offer a comment to reporters following the trial. 

The sexual encounters between Damato-Kushel and the student began when the child was in seventh grade, in the summer of 2013, according to police. The abuse was discovered by Damato-Kushel's husband, who overheard the two in their home. The husband had mistaken the boy for a burglar and called the police.

Damato-Kushel had attempted to buy the victim's silence with $900 before they were discovered.

According to US News, Damato-Kushel had previously rejected a plea deal that came with a sentence of up to four years in prison.

 According to PeopleDamato-Kushel has allegedly abused at least three students in total. One incident involved sex with two teens at a local hotel while her children (now aged 8 and 15-years-old) were in the other room. The victims in that situation are 15 and 16 years old. Damato-Kushel has not offered a statement on this case.

Clarke had attempted to participate in the plea bargain dealings but was barred from the discussion by the Supreme Court.

[Photo: Stratford Police Department]