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Crime News CrimeCon 2018

Ladies Of Crimecon ‘Hot For Holes’ As Golden State Killer Investigator Paul Holes Solves Crimes, Is A Total Smokeshow

He helped find Golden State Killer suspect Joseph DeAngelo. He also found a way into our hearts.

By Gina Pace

Paul Holes may have retired, but he can’t quit workin’ it.

The investigator with the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office followed the Golden State Killer case for decades, and came up with the idea of using DNA from a crime scene to build a fake genetic profile on GEDmatch, a genealogy site, which lead to distant relatives. A team of investigators then spent months combing through public records to piece together potential family trees.

All that hard work eventually lead to the arrest of Joseph DeAngelo, 72, on April 25. It also made Holes a bonafide hero and heartthrob in the true crime community.

At Crimecon in Nashville, Holes was a surprise guest on a Golden State Killer panel Friday and received a raucous welcome and standing ovation from about 2,500 people.

“I’m getting a lot of credit for this case but so many people were involved with bringing DeAngelo in,” Holes demurred to the crowd.

After decades of wanting to nail a suspect in the case, Holes really wanted to get him before he retired. Once he thought DeAngelo was the guy, he said he considered just walking up to his door and knocking. He'd explain he was digging into the case, and ask for a voluntary DNA sample.

Instead, investigators painstakingly cased his home and waited for discarded DNA to obtain an arrest warrant.

“It was a good decision not to knock on that door, he’s got a dangerous mind,” Holes said at Crimecon. “Don’t believe this guy that you see being wheeled into court. That’s not who he is. He’s very capable at 72 years of age, and has numerous registered guns in his house. He’s been going to the range and keeping up his firearms proficiency, so who knows what would have happened at that front door.”

So … let’s see. Holes is smart, he’s hard working, and he’s prudent. And women have also noticed that he’s, uh, hot.

There is even a hashtag #hotforholes that has been trending. Pro tip: maybe don't just Google "Hot for Holes." Top hits are, uh, not Paul.

One Oxygen staffer finally spotted Holes at Crimecon Unplugged on Saturday night (and snapped the photo above).

"I just got a good look at him now and I was like, okay, I get it," she texted to this writer, inadvertently inspiring an article.

But who can get enough? Now with all the attention the case is getting, we're sure to see more of Holes on TV. Not mad about it.

[Photo: Twitter]