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3 Sisters Abused Elderly Dad Because They Claim He Was 'Unfaithful' To Mom, The ‘Queen Of God’

Elissa Pietrocarlo, Grace Pietrocarlo, and Annabel Pietrocarlo emotionally and physically abused their father for years.

By Gina Tron
Facts About Elder Abuse And Prevention

Three upstate New York siblings abused their elderly father ⁠— both mentally and physically ⁠— for years because they claimed God told them he was unfaithful to their mother. 

Elissa Pietrocarlo, 41, Grace Pietrocarlo, 31, and Annabel Pietrocarlo, 23, were each sentenced to two years in prison Tuesday on assault convictions for the abuse of their father, according to the Erie County District Attorney’s Office.

“The three sisters, while acting in concert with each other, intentionally caused physical injury to their 71-year-old father inside their home,” the office stated. The family lived in Hamburg, New York.

The dad is now 73.

“All co-defendants repeatedly committed acts over an extended period of time to intentionally place their father in fear of physical injury,” the office stated. The abuse is believed to have begun in 2002 and headed by the eldest sister Elissa.

She was known as “The Prophet” to her family, who claimed she could receive messages from God, according to the attorney’s office. 

“One of the messages indicated that her father was being unfaithful to her mother, 66-year-old Christine Pietrocarlo, who the family considers the ‘Queen of God,’” the office states. “As a result, her father was no longer permitted to sleep in the martial bed, and he was forced to sleep on a couch in the kitchen.”

Grace Pietrocarlo, Annabel Pietrocarlo and Elissa Pietrocarlo

But that wasn’t all.

The D.A.’s office claims that after the “false accusations of infidelity” the family began abusing the father, both physically and emotionally.

During one 2017 incident while the victim “was on his computer in his area of the kitchen,” his wife, Christine, accused him of defiling her name online. He was then “surrounded by his wife and daughters who demanded that he give them money,” the D.A.’s office states. His daughter Annabel then choked him from behind and forced him onto the ground before taking over $1000 worth of money from him. 

“Once the victim was on the floor, all three co-defendants repeatedly kicked and punched him,” the office wrote. “When the attack stopped, the victim pleaded to his family for help.”

The family refused to offer any help, but he was able to crawl out to his pickup truck, despite the intense pain, and drive to a local hospital for help. He was treated for a fractured rib and a bruised spleen.

Threats of violence continued after he was released and the women threatened to “break every bone in his body” if he was in the home during the day, according to the D.A.’s office. A longtime friend who he confided in ended up contacting the police about the abuse, which led to the sisters' arrest.

In May, the sisters were found guilty of assault, and Annabel was also found guilty of petit larceny for stealing the cash from her dad. She got an extra six months for that when sentenced this week.

The “Queen of God” was charged with robbery in the second degree and menacing, but she was acquitted.

“This is one of the most horrific cases of abuse that has been prosecuted by my office. For years, these women emotionally, financially, and physically abused their own father,” Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn said. “I commend the victim for having the strength to come forward about the abuses he endured at the hands of his own children. I hope that he feels justice has been served by these women being found guilty and sentenced to be a period of incarceration.”

During the sisters’ sentencing on Tuesday, they showed little remorse. They did not apologize to their abused dad, the Buffalo News noted. However, Elissa did say she was "sorry that the whole thing happened."

The women are not allowed to contact their dad until July 15, 2024.