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See How Florida School Shooter Nikolas Cruz Has Been Behaving In Jail

Parkland, Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz was described as both "cooperative" and "restless" in notes from deputies at the facility where he is being held.

By Eric Shorey
Tragedy Strikes in Florida High School Shooting

Nikolas Cruz, the 19-year-old shooter who took the lives of 17 students at last month's deadly Parkland, Florida shooting, has been held in prison since his capture. Now, documents obtained by CNN outline the shooter's behavior since the massacre.

Observation reports from February 17 to 24 tell an interesting story of Cruz's time and treatment in prison. He was at first treated in an infirmary and eventually moved to a cell on February 23rd. He was separated from the general population of the Broward County Jail due to the high-profile nature of his crimes.

Visits with Cruz seem to be limited, with only one unidentified family member meeting him at the jail. Other than that, Cruz only spoke with corrections officers, his defense attorneys, and medical professionals.

Deputies made several observations on standard paperwork. Lawyers have cautioned about interpreting the notes made on these sheets.

"They are snippet observations from corrections officers and are not clinical impressions made by his treating psychologist or psychiatrist at the jail. They don't show a complete picture. They are generated because Mr. Cruz has a high-profile case and is on suicide watch," Chief Assistant Public Defender Gordon Weekes said in a statement.

These notes include the detail that Cruz has spent much of his time "lying on his back staring at the ceiling." His movements were described as "calm" and "slow." His demeanor was described as "quiet."

Cruz does not appear to be combatant and has been described as cooperative by deputies. 

"Follows commands and responds to questions," reads one note.

One detail from the report from February 20 stands out amongst the more innocuous descriptions.

"Appeared to break out in laughter both during and immediately following his professional visit at 1848 hours and later at 1910 hours," reads another note.

As time passed, Cruz was increasingly described as "restless."

"(Twists) and turns in bunk, does not sleep, stares at wall in deep thought, eyes closed, appears to be resting, not asleep," reads a note dated February 24.

Cruz has officially been charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. If convicted of first-degree murder he potentially faces life in prison. Cruz's legal team plans on pleading guilty if the death penalty is taken off the table, according to USA Today.

[Photo: Getty Images]