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Fyre Festival Attendees May Be Getting Scammed Again By Suspicious Ticket Promoters

“I can’t tell you who I work with; I’ll lose my job,” said the promoter to a reporter.

By Eric Shorey

Last year's Fyre Festival disaster, in which a large-scale luxury music showcase massively and publicly fell apart (leaving attendees stranded on an island in the Bahamas with little food and packs of roving feral dogs), resulted in a series of fraud charges for the event's organizers. Now, according to Vice, those who braved the trip fear they may be the victims of similar scams.

The contact information of those who bought the incredibly expensive tickets to Fyre Festival seems to have been distributed to a new promotional company, which is attempting to sell other suspicious package deals that include access to events like "a private dinner with LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers," "front-row tickets to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show" and "a seat at the invitation-only, $30,000-a-plate Met Gala."

“I get them pretty much every week. It’s hilarious," said Seth Crossno, who documented the Fyre meltdown on his Twitter page. He says he knows of others who are also getting the offers.

“We stepped up our game today for you, big time," reads one of the emails, which was attempting to sell what was described as a unique opportunity for about $3,000. "The Cleveland Cavaliers come to Madison Square Garden on Monday, April 9, to play the New York Knicks. We have seats to the game and invitations to the Cavs team dinner and club after the game, where Lebron [sic] will be in attendance."

Frank Tribble, the promoter behind the deals, explained to Vice: “They’ll rent out a restaurant, they’ll be having a team dinner and you’ll be at this dinner with them, you will be able to take an individual picture with LeBron, and then pictures with the other teammates, and then you have access to go to the club after, so they go out to a club, it will be hosted by a famous artist, and you’ll be at the club with them — all VIP access,” he said, explaining how he managed to obtain the offer in vague terms.

"The 2018 Met Gala is on Monday, April 30, at The Met in NYC. We partnered with the sponsoring brands to get you a chance to buy tickets. Tickets include red carpet, seats for the event/dinner, and an invitation to the after-party," reads another email from Tribble, sent on December 17. "Tickets are extremely limited. Please respond with your brief bio and number of guests you'd like to have attend, and we'll follow up with a call."

“I can’t tell you who I work with; I’ll lose my job,” Tribble said when pressed for details about his access to such exclusive events. “There’s a major press release on it. So I guess you’ll just have to wait until that time.”

Tribble's inability to be more specific about the details of each event, including how buyers would even pick up the tickets to these outings, was notable. Eventually, he ceased contact with the reporter investigating.

“I’m a very busy person, and I don’t have time to be interviewed. You’re interrogating me, asking me a bunch of questions. None of my clients have ever done this, I have clients all over the world,” he said before hanging up.

Tribble claims that "none of the people [working with him] were involved in the Fyre Festival," but his distribution to Fyre's former customers has people like Crossno raising their eyebrows.

Vice noted that promises about access to a Victoria's Secret runway show were especially suspicious considering the location for the event had not yet been confirmed, and the models walking in the show hadn't even begun auditioning. 

Whether or not Tribble's promises will be realized remains to be seen. It is unclear if he has released further statements at this time.

[Photos: Twitter]

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