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Crime News

Jamie Foxx Gives Advice On How To Avoid Getting Robbed Ahead Of 'Robin Hood' Release

Celebrities in particular may want to listen up to the star's advice.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Jamie Foxx has a few wise words for anyone looking to not get robbed.

The 50-year-old actor has a starring role in the soon-to-be released “Robin Hood” film, and during the film’s red carpet event, told Page Six how he thinks people can avoid becoming victims. In short? Think twice before you post your personal business on Instagram, especially your location.

“Stay off your Instagram telling everybody where you’re at... You better start posting that thing like three or four days after,” Foxx said, according to the outlet. “And I ain’t got nothing in my house... That’s all it is — a house — if they want to take a house.”

Robberies may be on Foxx's mind because (other than starring in the movie about the most famous robber of all time) if there's one drawback to being rich and famous, it's being more likely to be targeted by criminals.

The suspects allegedly responsible for a string of celeb burglaries in the Los Angeles area may have been taken into custody earlier this year, but robberies are still a fairly common occurrence among A-listers, especially with social media making it easier and easier for those with nefarious intentions to track the whereabouts of high-profile strangers.

Kim Kardashian learned that lesson the hard way when she was robbed at gunpoint in a hotel room in Paris two years ago. The reality TV star later pointed to her social media activity as a factor in what made her a potential target, and famously began keeping more of a low profile on Instagram following the incident.

One of the men allegedly connected to the robbery, 60-year-old Aomar Ait Khedache, confirmed to police that Kardashian’s social media posts played a vital role in the crime, French newspaper Le Monde reported, according to Vanity Fair.

“The jewels were shown on the Internet, and [she said] that she didn’t wear fakes... the time she would arrive in France, you just had to look at the Internet and you knew everything, absolutely everything,” Khedache said, according to the outlet.

The next time you think about bragging on Instagram, you may want to think twice.

[Photo: Getty Images]