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Man Finds Boa Constrictor Curled Up In His Car Engine When He Goes To Check Fluids

Joe Reed, from Stoughton, Mass., found the large reptile just sitting on top of his engine. 

By Jon Silman

A man in Stoughton went to check the fluids on his car, but when he popped the hood he found something else entirely - a massive, coiled-up snake. And not just any snake - a whopper of a reptile, a brown, red and black patterned boa constrictor, fat and healthy, according to a Facebook post by the Stoughton Police Department.

The man found the snake just relaxing next to the engine oil cap on Saturday morning. He immediately called police to come and collect the animal.

"I popped the hood on my truck just to check the fluids, and he was coiled up on my engine," Joe Reed, the man who found the serpent, told the New England Cable News Network.

The animal was unhurt and "was in good health and very well taken care of," police said in response to a question in the comments of the post about the snake's condition.

Reed said he had a previous encounter with the snake about 10 hours earlier, but it slithered away from him.

"He was stretched across the trash cans we have outside here," Reed said, referring to the first time he saw the snake. "It kind of scared me then. It scared me both times."

Numerous officers, including animal control, responded to the area to wrangle the snake, police said. No one was harmed, including Reed or the snake, when they captured it.

Boa constrictors are non venomous snakes that originated from Central and South America, according to National Geographic. They can grow up to 13 feet long and usually weigh more than 100 pounds. They have hooked teeth lining their jaws and squeeze their prey to death with their muscular bodies. They’re generally considered non-aggressive, but they’re not considered great pets if you have small children around.

The snake was returned to its owner on Saturday night. The owner didn't want to be identified, according to NECN, but will not face any penalties for losing the snake.

[Photo: Stoughton Police Department/Facebook]

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