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Kansas Man Brutally Murders Wife As Kids Hide, Color Pictures

Vicente Roldan-Marron stabbed his wife Yadira Gomez so viciously that he broke two knives in the attack.

By Jon Silman

A Kansas man who viciously stabbed his wife to death while his kids hid in the basement was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Thursday.

Police found out about the crime because Roldan-Marron's son told a teacher about it the next day. When they went to the house, they found her body with gaping stab wounds, nude, with his nude body on top of her. There was blood all over the house.

Vicente Roldan-Marron, 48, was arrested on January 31, 2017 for the murder of his wife, Yadira Gomez, in their home, and he was found guilty in May, according to the Kansas City Star.

The whole thing started after church.

The boy said his mom was mad at his dad because of the way he acted during services, which spilled over into an argument and fight at home. Roldan-Marron would later tell investigators that his wife was having an affair with another churchgoer, according to court records. He had a counseling session with a pastor to try and convince his wife to stop seeing the man, and when his wife didn't come home right away after the session, he said he drank two bottles of champagne. When she did, they fought loudly.

To get away from the commotion, the boy and his two siblings went into the basement to color and watch TV. The mom, the boy said, told his dad she wanted to move out.

Later, the boy heard his father cry out, "Why did I do that," and "(That) was really dumb," according to WDAF-TV in Kansas City.

When the boy went upstairs, he saw blood all over, because his dad walked it all over the house. He found his mom on the floor also covered in blood. He went back into the basement to draw pictures of his mom because he thought she was dead.

On Monday, the kids went to check on their mother while Roldan-Marron was asleep in the kitchen. One of the children touched the mother to see if she was breathing. She was not.

Then, the kids woke up their father so he could take them to school. The boy then told a teacher what happened, and when police went to the residence, they found Gomez naked on the bed with a Roldan-Marron, also nude, on top of her.

She had six huge stab wounds and many others, including on her lower back. He had used four different knives ― breaking two of the blades ― and stabbed her 13 times.

During the trial, Roldan-Marron’s lawyers argued that he killed his wife in a moment of passion and should only be convicted of manslaughter. The method of murder convinced jurors otherwise. He first stabbed his wife in the kitchen, according to court testimony, then he brought her upstairs.

He had taken numerous pills because he wanted to end his own life, he said, according to court records.

He had watched a lot of videos about Mexican cartel members dismembering people, and he told police that he couldn't get those images out of his head.

He also told police he couldn't remember the murder because he had blacked out.

[Photo: Independence Police Department]

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