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Crime News Snapped: Killer Couples

Texas Woman Seduces Teen Daughter’s Boyfriend, Convinces Him To Murder Her Own Mother

Kelly Sifuentez confessed to initiating a sexual relationship with Christian Olsen when he was only 14 … and things just got worse from there.

By Oxygen Staff

Murders A-Z is a collection of true crime stories that take an in-depth look at both little-known and famous murders throughout history. 

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A lonely woman, or a cold-blooded predator?

Maybe Kelly Sifuentez was a little bit of both.

Sifuentez, 38, raised many an eyebrow when she invited Christian Olsen, a teenager her daughter used to date in middle school, to live with her.

But that was nothing compared to what would come shortly after, the summer of 2007.

A Seemingly Normal Life, Upturned

Sifuentez was, to many people, just a regular woman. She liked to dance and go to concerts, especially those played by KISS, according to her niece Kristen Marby in the latest episode of “Killer Couples,” which airs on Sundays 7/6c on Oxygen.

Sifuentez had met her husband Felix during her last year in high school; he even named his plumbing company after her. Kelly Sifuentez was very close to her daughter Melissa, who she had shortly after marrying her husband.

 “It was like having a mom and best friend in one,” said Melissa on “Killer Couples.”

But she says their life fell apart when Felix was incarcerated after being convicted of indecency with a child.

“When Felix first went to prison, it was more difficult I think than she thought it would be to be the sole provider,” said Sifuentez’s sister Cindy Mabry on “Killer Couples.”

The family, no longer with their breadwinner, had to move in with Sifuentez’s mother Geraldine Lloyd. There was apparently some friction between the adult woman and her mother.

According to her sister Cindy, Kelly Sifuentez started spinning out, drinking with her daughter's friends and losing sight of what it meant to be a “mature mother.”

A Sordid Affair With A Minor

Christian Olsen was only 14 — a child —when he started hanging out at his classmate Melissa’s house. Melissa, who would date Olsen briefly, describes him as “super smart” and someone who excelled in everything he tried. His contentious relationship with his adoptive parents came to a head when his flirtatious texts with Melissa’s mother Kelly were found, according to Shane Phelps, First Assistant District Attorney with the Brazos County DA’s Office.

“They were doing everything they could to keep her away,” said Phelps on “Killer Couples.” “He had his cell phone I think taken away from him, and the reason for taking the cell phone away from him is so he couldn’t communicate with Kelly.”

Sifuentez’s influence on Olsen — she later confessed to initiating a sexual relationship with Olsen when he was only 14, and introducing him to methamphetamine when he was 16, according to KBTX — was strong.

Olsen, already 18, moved in with Sifuentez, despite the 20-year age difference, sharing her mother’s home on Oak Hollow Drive.

A Brutal Murder… Or Two

A happenstance malfunction where a storm triggered alarms brought the police to the home of Etta Jean Westbrook in Bryan, Texas on June 3, 2007 — just across the street from Geraldine Lloyd’s house. The police and Westbrook’s friend, also notified by the alarm company, noticed an open container of raw chicken on the counter and realized something was wrong. They entered through the unlocked back door to find the older woman lying face down in blood.

Westbrook loved to paint and “never met a stranger,” said her daughter Debra Kette later in court. She had gone to church that day, but instead of joining her group to eat lunch at Fazoli’s, she chose to go home and cook.

At first flummoxed by who would kill a kind woman like Westbrook, the police found that someone had been using her credit cards. A cashier positively identified Christian Olsen, Westbrook’s neighbor, as the man using her cards. The police tracked Olsen down, and he confessed.

Olsen’s interview was shared with jurors later in his trial, local news outlet The Eagle reported. In this interview, he said he was a messed up person, and he had been stealing since he was 11 or 12.

“I deserve to be in jail the rest of my life,” said the teenager who confessed he went over to return a baking pan and, picking up a metal pole from her garage floor, followed her in.

While sobbing, Olsen said he didn’t remember the details of what happened, but Shane Phelps would later fill the jury in on what happened, as per the evidence. Westbrook was struck 25 times in the head and then choked to death. Phelps characterized it as a “savage and unholy murder.”

The motive appeared to be Westbrook’s money.

But that wasn’t the only murder, police were soon to find out. Felix, Sifuentez’s husband, told them that his wife had called him, scared.

Buried In The Backyard

“Felix called and said ‘by the way, Geraldine Lloyd, Kelly’s mother, is buried in the backyard, and apparently Christian did it,’” said Jerry Eyre, detective with the Bryan Police Department, on “Killer Couples.” The police, obtaining a search warrant, went to Lloyd’s backyard and found an odd-looking brush pile there — and an odious smell.

Digging unearthed the body of 63-year-old Geraldine Lloyd, whose cause of death, examiners said, was blunt force trauma.

They later found that Geraldine Lloyd’s room had a deadbolt across it. They turned over her mattress and found blood seeping through.

“The mattress was blood-soaked, so underneath the bed, they found a bowl with some like bloody water in it with a- with a wash rag,” said Shane Phelps. The person who killed her just pretty much cleaned it up as much as they could and then just kind of sealed off that bedroom, uh, for the next six months.”

Kelly Sifuentez first denied any involvement.

“I was asleep when he killed her,” she said in the police interview. She hid it, she said, because she was afraid of being imprisoned. She told her husband what happened because she had been “living in deep, deep pain.”

The police found “mountains of paperwork” in their bedroom, according to former major case crimes detective Darrel Fikes. They had been forging documents and taking money out of Lloyd’s account. Lloyd apparently found out about their deceit, leading to her murder.

Sifuentez later pleaded guilty to convincing Olsen to kill her mother, thus also becoming a key witness in the evidence against her teenage lover.

Olsen broke into Westbrook’s house six months after he killed Lloyd. They got a hotel room within hours of the brutal murder.

“I mean, you have to wonder, ‘was this sort of like an aphrodisiac?’” wondered reporter Sara Davenport on “Killer Couples.”

A Tragic End For All Involved

Sifuentez, who had taken a plea deal resulting in a sentence to 30 years for criminal solicitation of capital murder, was found hanging in her cell in May of 2015, six years into her prison sentence, according to KBTX.

Olsen, who was first sentenced to death for the murder of Etta Jean Westbrook in 2007, was not tried for the murder of Geraldine Lloyd, though he was charged with it. In 2012, the Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the death penalty punishment, and in 2016 he was resentenced to life in prison without parole, according to KBTX. Kelly Sifuentez was not available for Olsen’s first trial because she was under her own indictment — and missed his second because she had taken her life months before.

Meanwhile, the families of all involved will never be the same.

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