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Missing Mom’s Best Friend Fears The Worst, Doubts Her Pal Would Willingly Travel So Far With 3 Men

“No matter how intoxicated she would have been, she would not have been willing to go with strangers to Garrard County,” Sabrina Speratos said about best friend Savannah Spurlock.

By Jill Sederstrom

It’s been more than a month since Savannah Spurlock disappeared, and her best friend is fearing the worst.

Sabrina Speratos, 21, told Fox News she’s worried Spurlock may have been taken advantage of or drugged after disappearing from a Lexington, Kentucky bar on January 4 with three men she had just met that night.

Richmond Police have said after leaving the bar around 2:30 a.m. Spurlock went to a residence in rural Garrard County, about 40 miles away from the Lexington bar, but Speratos doesn’t believe her friend would have ever willingly traveled that far if she knew that’s where they were going.

“No matter how intoxicated she would have been, she would not have been willing to go with strangers to Garrard County,” Speratos told Fox News. “She would even have called her mom to come get her if she knew they were going to take her there — that’s how close she was with her mother, with me.”

Speratos believes had she known the men were driving that far she would have “jumped out of the car” and thinks her friend may have thought they were going somewhere nearby for a drink.

She said it may have been a mistake for Spurlock, a mom of four including a set of twins born in December, to leave with the men, but doesn’t believe the criticism Spurlock has received for the decision on social media is warranted.

“I think it’s crazy that people have the audacity to go on there and bash her when, No. 1, you don’t know what the girl was going through. No. 2, you don’t personally know her and, No. 3, this very well could have been your family,” she said.

Police have questioned all three men, one of whom reportedly told police that Spurlock had left the rural home at some point that morning before she disappeared.

Speratos believes the men may know more than they've said and said until they come forward with everything they know about the case she considers them "liars."

She described her friend as a considerate person who has always been there for her and doesn’t want to be a burden on others, regardless of the hardships she faces in her own life.

“She’s just that best friend that everybody needs. Not that you want, but you need,” she insisted.

Speratos said her friend was never into drugs and rarely went out, spending most of her time at home with her family.

Shaquille Smith, Spurlock’s ex-boyfriend, also told Fox News that the young mom only went out every few weeks or months after she had children.

Earlier this week, Spurlock’s 23rd birthday passed, but the occasion was not as celebratory as it should have been.

Ellen Spurlock reflected on how her daughter may have celebrated if she hadn’t disappeared with local station WKYT.  

“We would have come here, had a cake, sang 'Happy Birthday,' opened presents,” she said. “She had several birthday parties at the skating rink."

She’s still holding out hope that one day she’ll be able to see her daughter’s smile again.

“I know we are going to find her. We are not giving up,” she said.

[Photo: Richmond Police Department]