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Mystery Doorbell Ringer Was Escaping Sexual Assault, Police Say

The victim's boyfriend, Dennis Collins, admitted to the sexual assault in a suicide note, authorities say. 

By Gina Tron
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Police now say that the mysterious woman seen ringing doorbells in Texas in a surveillance video that went viral this week was unlawfully restrained and sexually assaulted by her now-dead boyfriend.

Dennis Ray Collins, 49, was found dead Wednesday inside his home from a self-inflicted gunshot, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said Thursday.

It’s now been revealed that the 32-year-old distressed and barefoot woman ringing doorbells with shackles on her wrists had broken free from the restraints on Friday morning before looking for help.

"The female described the restraints seen on the previously released video as restraints commonly used in private intimate encounters," Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Lt. Scott Spencer during the press conference.

After ringing on a few doors, she returned to the home she shared with Collins, police said. Then, she drove to stay with family in the Dallas-Fort Worth early Saturday morning, where she has remained ever since the incident.

Spencer said Collin's ex-wife called police after Collins told her he wanted to commit suicide. When police arrived at this home, it was too late - he had shot himself in the chest and was already dead. Near his body were suicide notes, police say.

"In his notes, the details that were there show he's obviously extremely upset about what has occurred,” Spencer said. “He laid, at fault for what he'd done. He admitted he'd did what he did to her -- as seen in the video and I think that played a part in him committing suicide.”

Spencer said that the victim is distraught and in shock.

Collins was convicted of attempted sexual assault back in 2000, according to Fox26 in Houston.

[Photo: Montgomery County Sheriff's Department]

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