Natalie Nunn Says American Airlines Insulted Her Daughter, Goes On Twitter Rampage

"I am a Bad Girl. I will not allow someone to talk about my kid like that."

Bad Girls Club alum Natalie Nunn has called out American Airlines on social media, claiming their staff insulted her daughter, according to TMZ.

Nunn had been on a trip back from Sacramento after visiting family in Indianapolis for Thanksgiving, with a connection in Dallas, Texas. In Texas, Nunn began posting about being thrown off a flight, saying that an AA agent insulted hr 7-month-old baby's name, Journey.

"We were in the first class line waiting to get checked in. She kept looking at us, shaking her head, huffing and puffing. She called us down. She then asked me if I knew this was a first class line and [asked] why I [was] in a first class line. She said, 'I need to add your daughter to the itinerary.'" Nunn said. "I said [my daughter's name] is Journey. She said, 'Ha! Journey! Why would you name your daughter Journey?'"

Nunn says when the argument escalated, the agent cancelled her ticket and put her in coach. Nunn had been tweeting at the Airline as well, leading to supervisors being called in to handle the situation. Nunn was then put back into first class and given complimentary champagne.

"I am a Bad Girl. I will not allow someone to talk about my kid like that," Nunn added.

TMZ's American Airline source said that Nunn had changed her flight but had not paid the difference, meaning her ticket was never confirmed. They confirmed that a manager was called to handle the situation, putting Natalie in first class.

Nunn was looking for more from American Airlines as of Monday. AA says they've reached out to Nunn and are handling the discrepancy.

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