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Pit Bull Mauls Mother Of 3 To Death At Happy Hounds Pet Hotel


"Our hearts go out to the family," the pet hotel owner said. "I'm just grieving for them." 

By Jaime Lutz

A Louisiana woman was killed by a pit bull at a doggie daycare facility on Tuesday, The New York Daily News reported.

Laura Williams Ray, a mother of three children, was severely injured by the dog while it was boarding at the West Monroe facility at about 11 pm, according to The News Star.

Ray later died as a result of her injuries.

Happy Hound Hotel owner Leanne Stuckey said that the facility was told that the dog was not aggressive toward people.

"Our hearts go out to the family," Stuckey said to the News Star. "I'm just grieving for them." 

A spokesman for the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office said that he wasn’t sure if Ray was an employee of the facility or if she was just visiting. 

The pit bull was released to Ouachita Parish Animal Control. 

District Attorney Steve Tew, who has the power to have the dog euthanized, said his office is reviewing the case and hasn’t settled on a single option, The News Star said.

Staci Choate, a registered veterinarian, told a local NBC station that violent dogs are usually trained to be that way.

"It's what they're taught, even if they were raised as we saw in the Michael Vick case, they were raised and taught to fight,” Choate said. But because of this, they can also be successfully retrained; many of dogs raised by Vick to fight have since been rehabilitated

Pit Bulls are a form of Terrier, Choate said, which are dogs that are extremely loyal to their masters. This can have a downside. 

"Terrier's in themselves are high energy, they're very active, they're people pleasers, they want to be with their family. That's why we see a lot of trouble with Pit Bull Terriers because they are [such] a people pleasing breed, that they do whatever their people want them to do," Choate said. Often, the dogs act out of fear.

If a dog ever attacks you, try distracting them, Choate said. "Make a big noise, yell at them, scream at them, jump up and down, do something that will scare them away. If you have something in your hand, throw it just get their attention off of you." 

[Image: Facebook]

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