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Body Cam Video Shows Police Flipping A Coin To Decide Woman's Fate

Sarah Webb, the driver who could be seen sobbing during the incident, later called the officer's behavior "disgusting."

By Jill Sederstrom

Heads, you go to jail. Tails, you're free.

Newly surfaced body cam video shows two Georgia police officers using a coin flip to decide whether to arrest a woman they had stopped for speeding.

Roswell Police Officer Courtney Brown and fellow Officer Kristee Wilson decided to use a coin flip after Brown revealed she didn't have any speed detection equipment. Their exchange was caught on body cam video obtained by 11Alive.

In the video, Brown can be seen approaching a vehicle being driven by Sarah Webb and asking "Do you know how fast you were going ma'am?"

Webb responds, saying "I am so sorry, I am late for work."

Brown goes on to tell Webb she had been going over 80 miles per hour on wet roads and said it was considered reckless driving.

When she returns to the police cruiser she can be heard telling her fellow officer she plans to "take her probably for reckless," noting she had to get up to 90 miles per hour to catch the driver; however, she also admits that she doesn't have any speed detection equipment.

Wilson points out thath Brown could use the speed the police cruiser was going as evidence Webb had been going too fast.

Brown then asks Wilson, "What do you think? Just tickets?"

The officers then pull up a coin-flipping app and Wilson can be heard saying "A (arrest) head, R (release) tail."

The coin lands on tails and Brown asks if that means release, but Wilson says "23," the code for arrest. Brown laughs and begins to call it in.

The video then shows Webb, who has been handcuffed and is sitting in the back of the police car, as she sobs.

"Wow, these people put my freedom in the hands of a coin flip," Webb later told 11Alive after discovering the truth. "And that's disgusting."

The charges against Webb were thrown out Monday in court, according to the Daily Mail.

In a statement given to Oxygen.com, Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grant said upon hearing of the incident, he immediately started an internal investigation and placed both officers on administrative leave.

As it is an open investigation, he said he was unable to comment on any additional details of the investigation.

"This behavior is not indicative of the hard working officers of the Roswell Police Department, I have much higher expectations of our police officers and I am appalled that any law enforcement officer would trivialize the decision making process of something as important as the arrest of a person," he said in the statement.

Sarah's mother, Teresa Webb, took to Facebook to express her anger at the officers' behavior.

"I feel the Roswell Police should be held accountable," she wrote. "It makes me so upset seeing her crying."

She added that the incident could have cost her daughter her job or her license.

"This caused a big financial hardship to our family," she wrote.

[Photo: Roswell Police Department]

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