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Crime News

Who Is Shaun Gallon, The Suspected Campsite Killer of Northern California?

"Do you like my spaceship?" he asked about one of his Facebook drawings. He added, "Am I alone or what?"

By Will Huntsberry

Jesus Christ and spaceships. Mohamed The Prophet and wild galactic conspiracy theories. A lost soul mate and a strange rape fantasy. 

These wild and incoherent threads all come together in the public Facebook profile of Shaun Gallon, a man who was charged this month with the mysterious double murder of two Christian camp counselors, who were found dead 13 years ago on a secluded beach in northern California.

The case eluded investigators for years, although Gallon was one of several initial suspects. Last year he was charged, in a completely separate case, with murdering his own brother. Cops then also interviewed him about the cold case and they say he provided them with information only the killer could have known.

Gallon allegedly shot his victims, Jason Allen and Lindsay Cutshall (pictured below), with a rifle while they slept in their sleeping bags at a beach near the mouth of the Russian River.

They had been working at a Christian adventure camp near Sacramento for the summer back in 2004, and headed off on a three-day sightseeing tour of the coast. They planned to return home to Ohio and marry after their summer jobs ended.

Investigators haven’t yet released any specific details about the evidence that they claim links Gallon to the double murder.

The last barrage of Facebook posts to the suspect's account came in 11 bursts of all caps madness on March 24, 2017 — the same day Gallon allegedly murdered his own brother in their Forestville home. They range from creepy to unintelligible.





A relative confirmed to Oxygen.com that the profile belongs to the same Shaun Gallon recently charged in the Sonoma County murders. She said she had only interacted with Gallon on Facebook and that he seemed “odd.”

Deputies in the area have known Gallon for years as a kooky survivalist who committed several strange and violent crimes, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. He was convicted of assault for shooting a homemade arrow into another person’s car in 2009 and is charged with attempting to murder someone with a bomb in 2004.

Investigators say Gallon shot and killed his younger brother Shamus Gallon with a rifle, which is the same type of weapon used in the beach shooting. After Shamus' death, the boys' mother called police to identify Shaun Gallon as the shooter. The Gallon brothers' father killed himself in 2013, according to the Chronicle. 

Gallon was prolific on Facebook. The last selfie uploaded to his account shows him holding a homemade weapon and reads, “CHECK OUT THIS NICE SPEAR I MADE.”

Gallon’s posts in recent months mention some standard conspiracy theories, but at times seem to reference a bizarre world known only to him. 

“People I’ve never met seem to know me and my deeds. Why just the other day, as I was picking up my order of fish and fried potatoes, a young kid looks up to me and directly in my eyes thanks me for saving his world. In English! Not telepathy! I immediately recognized him to be from the pliedes star cluster Al Nehosh de Nesser Jeserate,” one from January reads.

Gallon seemed to bounce in and out of awareness about the state of his own troubled mind. Another January post reads, “Ok, I think I’m back on earth.”

Other posts get graphic about sex and even rape fantasies.

The photos posted to his timeline seem to show him taking part in live action role-playing events, also known as LARP-ing. He wears capes of different colors and black masks. In many pictures, he carries homemade arrows.

Only one picture, dated October 2014, shows Gallon with another person — an unidentified young woman. The two are outdoors and Gallon holds his arm around her. Her hair is green. He wears a cape and half of his face is painted black.

 [Photos: Facebook and Sonoma County Sheriff's Office]