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'Snapchat Queen,' Who Posted Video Of Boyfriend Dying From Stab Wound To The Heart, Found Guilty

Fatima Khan enlisted a rival for her affection to kill her boyfriend, then posted video of the attack's aftermath on Snapchat, authorities say. 

By Stefan Lembo-Stolba
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A London woman who posted a Snapchat video of her boyfriend dead in a pool of blood was found guilty on Tuesday of plotting his murder, police say.

Fatima Khan was convicted of manslaughter after she posted a gruesome video of her boyfriend lying in a puddle of his own blood to Snapchat, Met Police in London said in a statement.

Khan was charged with conspiring with another man she was having a relationship with to kill 18-year-old Khalid Safi.

Safi (pictured below) died from stab wounds to his heart in December 2016, police said.

The night of the murder, Khan and Safi were arguing and Khan used Snapchat to tell Raza Khan, 20, about the dispute.

Khan, the man who is alleged to have stabbed the victim, responded to Khan’s message by getting and knife and coming to meet them, police said.

After he arrived, the two men argued and investigators say that Raza (pictured below) stabbed Safi before fleeing the scene and ditching his jacket and murder weapon nearby.

While Safi was laying on the ground bleeding to death, police said Fatima Khan went up to the body and took photos of the dying man, which she is accused of posting to Snapchat.

According to the BBC, Khan was a self-confessed “Snapchat addict” and had posted videos of the dying man to her Snapchat profile. She reportedly captioned the posts with comments suggesting this is what happens when people mess with her.

“When Khalid was injured, instead of getting help, Khan took photos of him and left him to die in the street,” Detective Chief Inspector Mark Cranwell of the Met Police said. “Khalid was only 18 years old when he was killed and he had his whole life ahead of him, however Khan decided to take that from him over a petty argument.

While typical Snapchat posts disappear within 24 hours, one of Khan’s friends took a video of her gruesome shots, the BBC reported. Her friend's video record of her post was later used in court as evidence.

In court, Khan’s defense attorney spoke about the fact that his client was obsessed with social media.

"She may be Ilford's Snapchat queen," Kerim Fuad said, according to the BBC. "She's another example of youngsters who seem to live their life through the prism of Snapchat.”

Police are still searching for Raza Khan, and a £5,000 (roughly $6,500) reward has been offered for information on his whereabouts.

Khan will return to court for sentencing on Monday, July 30.

[Photo: Met Police]

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