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Stan Lee Addresses Elder Abuse Rumors, Relationship With His Daughter In New Interview

“I wish that everyone would be as abusive to me as J.C.,” Lee said of his daughter, J.C., in a recently published interview in the Daily Beast.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Assuring the public that their relationship couldn’t be better, Marvel founder Stan Lee has denied recent rumors that his daughter physically abused him.

Lee, 95, and his daughter, 68-year-old J.C. (short for Joan Celia), both discussed their relationship, as well as the seemingly unending drama surrounding Lee’s considerable estate, in an interview with The Daily Beast that went live on Monday.

In it, Lee described his only child as a “wonderful” person and added he was thankful for her presence in his life.

“There really isn’t that much drama,” Lee told the outlet. “As far as I’m concerned, we have a wonderful life. I’m pretty damn lucky. I love my daughter, I’m hoping that she loves me, and I couldn’t ask for a better life. If only my wife was still with us. I don’t know what this is all about.”

Bradley J. Herman, who was once Lee’s “business and asset manager,” alleged in an April exposé by The Hollywood Reporter that J.C. had been not only verbally abusive towards her parents in the past but also, on at least one occasion, was physically abusive as well.

During one argument that Herman claimed to have witnessed, J.C. shoved her mother Joanie before approaching Lee and, “in a rage,” grabbing him by the neck and slamming his head against the back of his wheelchair hard enough to cause a “contusion.”

J.C. denied the assault, according to THR, though it also reported that Herman photographed Joanie’s injuries at her suggestion and shared them with the publication.

“I wish that everyone would be as abusive to me as J.C.,” Lee told the Daily Beast. “She is a wonderful daughter. I like her. We have occasional spats. But I have occasional spats with everyone. I’ll probably have one with you, where I’ll be saying, ‘I didn’t say that!’ But that’s life.”

J.C. echoed her father’s loving sentiment, and again denied having ever assaulted either of her parents.

“As long as I’ve lived, I have never touched my mother, my father, or a dog. Never,” she told the Daily Beast, adding later that there was “never physical violence in this house.”

Following the June 2017 death of his wife Joanie, to whom he was married for nearly 70 years, Lee has been embroiled in a complicated web of lawsuits and the center of allegations of elder abuse and, strangely enough, blood theft.

Lee filed a lawsuit against his former business associate Jerardo Olivarez in April following accusations he was moving money out of Lee’s bank account without permission and instructing a nurse to take copious amounts of blood from lee, which Olivarez then “stamped” onto Marvel comic books and sold for hundreds of dollars, according to Page Six.

Additionally, a judge also ruled in August that a restraining order against Lee’s former business adviser, Keya Morgan, be extended for another three years, Page Six reports.

Morgan appears to be one of many people who have tried to insert themselves into the life — and wallet — of the aging Marvel legend. Lee filed, and later dropped, a lawsuit against POW! Entertainment earlier this year, after accusing the company of taking part in a “nefarious scheme” to profit off of his image, according to THR.

The outlet’s in-depth April report also included allegations that J.C. regularly spent copious amounts of her father’s money, which she also denied during her recent interview with the Daily Beast.

“Six figures? I’d love it. I’d be out the door and at the beach. No,” she said.

Lee also addressed his daughter’s rumored spending habits in the conversation.

“I decided my daughter is no longer a teenager. This money will be left to her, and instead of waiting until I die, I will give her as much as I can for her to enjoy now. And that’s what I’m trying to do,” Lee said. “Sometimes we have a few discussions, ‘Dad, can I ever have another few bucks?’ And I say, ‘Are you sure you’ll be left with enough?’ But there’s no problem. There’s no problem at all.”

[Photo: Getty Images]