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‘Heroic’ 10-Year-Old Girl Calls Cops On Mom As She Allegedly Drives Home Drunk From ‘Lion King’

"I did go to the movies and I did consume my wine — very wrong. It is so easy to make an honest-to-God mistake," Stephanie Davis said after being charged with DUI.

By M.L. Nestel
Stephanie Davis Pd

A family outing at the movies ended with a mom being charged with drunk driving, with the woman's own 10-year-old daughter reporting her to cops.

Stephanie Davis, 31, of Glendale, Arizona, was allegedly tanked on wine before getting behind the wheel of her car on Saturday afternoon.

Her daughter dialed police for help "after filming her [mom] driving while she was intoxicated," according to court documents obtained by Oxygen.com.

“She was very heroic; she absolutely did the right thing,” Davis told KTVK of her daughter's decision to turn her in. 

Earlier in the day, Davis, her daughter and her two 4-year-old nieces had all watched “The Lion King” movie at the AMC Westgate 20 movie theater, according to the outlet.

“I did go to the movies, and I did consume my wine — very wrong. It is so easy to make an honest-to-God mistake,” the mother said.

As Davis drove, her daughter, who was sitting in the passenger seat, became fearful that they might have an accident, according to KTVK. 

“The speed limit wasn't right,” the daughter told the station in an interview. “And, like, [we were] going really fast and I didn’t feel safe at that time.

“I also wanted to protect my cousins and my mom,“ she added.

So, the youngster said, she pulled out her phone and recorded her mother's driving, before dialing the police. 

On the phone, the daughter said, she informed the police dispatcher, "I know she's drunk and I know she's [driving] crazy,” the girl recalled.  

Glendale Police Department officers tracked their car down about 20 miles from the theater at the corner of Cactus Wren Drive near 73rd Avenue at around 4:15 p.m. .

They allege in their report that they found Davis "staggering."

And, while Davis allegedly admitted in the report that she had consumed wine, she refused to answer any other questions. 

Officers also noted in the police report that Davis was slurring her words and needing support to walk.

They claim in the papers that she had "an extreme odor of alcohol coming from her, bloodshot watery eyes, red flush face, very slurred speech and mood swings."

Once detained, Davis allegedly was caught by officers before she "fell down," according to the report.

Davis's daughter gave the officers a chance to survey the video recording she captured of their alleged dangerous drive. 

"The daughter showed officers the video of [Davis] driving, and the kids can be heard yelling at her to stop before she gets in an accident," the report reads. 

“I know a did a good thing because something very bad could happen.," Davis's daughter told KTVK. "We could have crashed or something."

Davis is extremely contrite.
“This is the most embarrassing thing to happen in my life. That was the most failed moment of being a mother,” she said. 

The mom warned others against having any notions that they can be immune to boozing at a movie theater and then driving home.

“Just don't do it,” she said. "Just save the wine for at home. It's fun and nice to have ... wine while watching the movie, but it's not worth the risk. It's not worth [risking] anybody else's life.”

Davis faces two misdemeanor counts of DUI.