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Crime News

Voicemails Left By Tex McIver After Killing Wife Played In Court: 'Please Erase This'

Tex McIver was reportedly annoyed that Dani Jo Carter, who was driving the car when Tex shot his wife Diane, got her own lawyer.

By Gina Tron

Voicemails left by Tex McIver to Dani Jo Carter’s husband two weeks after Diane Mciver died were played in court this week.

There is no debate over who killed Tex’s wealthy, business-oriented wife Diane in 2016. The Georgia lawyer has already admitted to shooting her but claimed that it was an accident. Carter was driving the Carters’ Ford Explorer when Tex shot Diane in the backseat.

Two weeks after the shooting, Carter hired a lawyer, according to The Atlanta-Journal Constitution. Shortly after, Tex left a voicemail for Carter’s husband.

“Tommy Lee, this is Tex. Let me be plain, Dani is about to send me to prison,” he said on the voicemail, played for the court. “Please erase this — this voicemail message, but call me right away. Y’all have no idea the problem this is causing. It’s innocent, but it’s absolutely nuclear to me. Please, please call me.”

That voicemail was just one of eight left to Carter’s husband on the same day. McIver and his attorney were trying to get Carter to meet and to give a formal public statement regarding Diane’s death. Instead, Carter decided to hire her own lawyer.

The man for whom the voicemails were left also testified in court on Wednesday.

“He was upset about the fact that she [Dani Jo] had hired an attorney to represent her,” Thomas Carter testified. “Why is it okay for him to get an attorney but not okay for my wife to get one?”

This week, Dani Jo gave testimony that collaborated Tex’s claim that he shot his wife after he fell asleep with a gun in his hand. However, she contradicted Tex’s claim that he retrieved his gun because they felt threatened as they drove through a bad neighborhood. Dani Jo said she never felt threatened.

It’s clear that Dani Jo, the prosecution’s star witness, is no longer a fan of Tex. When questioned on the stand if she had warm feelings towards him, Carter replied, “No.”

Watch the trial live:

[Photo: Fulton County Sheriff's Office]

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