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Woman Suing California To Recognize Existence Of Sasquatch

Claudia Ackley is certain she saw three Bigfoots in the woods. A Canadian documentary filmmaker is suing alongside her. 

By Gina Tron

A Crestline, California woman is currently suing the state of California to get it to officially recognize that Sasquatches exist, according to the Press-Enterprise. Claudia Ackley is certain that she saw more than one Sasquatch while out in the San Bernardino mountains with her two daughters.

"If they wanted to hurt us that day they could have," Ackley told an ABC affiliate, reflecting on her alleged run-in with the creatures. "We were right there."

She said that one sasquatch was up in a tree, perched. The mother added that she spotted two others nearby.

“He looked like a Neanderthal man with a lot of hair," Ackley said of the one in the tree. "About 800 pounds. I was trying to tell it to please not hurt us, and that's when he just stared at me. [...] All I'm thinking is please don't get near us because I have my children.”

Ackley called 911 but said they didn’t believe her. Instead, they told her she saw a bear. However, Ackley is convinced of what she saw. In fact, she is so convinced she has taken the time to file a lawsuit over it. She isn’t alone. Canadian documentary filmmaker Todd Standing is suing the state alongside Ackley.

“There’s a date set so we’re going in with PhDs, with wilderness experts beyond myself, with wildlife biologists, with fingerprint experts. We’re going to prove so beyond a reasonable doubt that this species exists,” Standing told Global News.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the state’s National Resources Agency are both on the recipient end of that lawsuit, and neither will comment on an active lawsuit. However, a spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife told the Press-Enterprise they don’t recognize Bigfoot as a species. Ackley and Standing claim that the state is endangering the public by denying the creatures’ existence.

A court hearing has been set for March.

[Photo: GoFundMe]