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Crime News

10 Cutest Criminal Pets Caught On Camera By Their Owners

We've rounded up the naughtiest cats, dogs, birds and rodents who were caught red-handed.

By Oxygen Staff

When we think of the criminals, we tend to imagine masked banks robbers and seasoned con men. On certain days, however, the worst criminal on earth can be your own pet. Whether it's a puppy destroying a pair of your favorite summer sandals, a hamster getting into your box of cookies, or a Maine Coon scratching up your new couch, pets can be downright ruthless. 

Below, we've rounded up the naughtiest cats, dogs, birds and rodents who were caught red-handed by their owners. Scroll down to see 10 of the cutest criminals in the animal kingdom, and be sure to get your tickets for "The Secret Life of Pets 2," in theaters June 7. 

1. Destroyer Of Glasses

Some animals just like to watch the world burn. (By some animals, we mean cats.)

2. No More Screen Time

The puppy just wanted a little attention!

3. Everybody Has To Eat

He probably has a family to feed.

4. Learning How To Fly

We all need a push once in a while.

5. (Play) Fighting

Cat: 1, Dog: 0.

6. Criminal Duo

Thieves work better in pairs.

7. Tough Times

Well, not always...

8. Lemme At 'Em!

Hedgehogs: the scrappiest of fighters.

9. Only Room For One

This Husky doesn't know how to share.

10. Fluffy Monster

What type of heartless thief steals food from a baby? A bunny.