Emotions are running high and EVERYBODY is on edge.

By permanenteditor
Tables aren't just for sitting down and eating folks...you can dance on them too!!The little tiff between Adamme & LaToya just goes to show you how much we ALL want this...emotions are running high and EVERYBODY is on edge. I decided to stand back and take the spectator’s seat…we are at the end of a VERY IMPORTANT journey and Adamme, LaToya and I REALLY want to win this! We have been cooped up in that house with no outside contact and we all began to get on each others' nerves...at the end of the day, I have LOVE for each and every person that has come into my life through DYAO...we are like a little family and we all know how family can sometimes be in disagreement, PLUS I think Lee and I enjoyed watching them go at it!!! HAHA

You know by now that I'm not a big fan of the Hip Hop routines BUT the difference at this point for me is that I now feel ready to handle whatever comes my way. I will go into the semi-finals trying to achieve my personal best (score-wise) with this Hip Hop routine. I know that in order to make it to the Finals, I have to perform the hell out of this routine...enough of stressing out about it...it's time to DELIVER ON THE DANCE FLOOR!

From day 1, I have kept a picture of my 2 very best friends in the world, Gip and Shonda on my nightstand...I would have a little talk with them every night before bed asking for their strength to stay in the running...call me crazy but I do believe this kept me somewhat sane during this competition. When Gip walked through those doors, it was a confirmation to me that I had done a good job. I made it this far into the competition and I was being rewarded for all that work with the pleasure of having a loved one come along for the last little bit of the way. I love Gip...he has been a constant support for me throughout my life and quite honestly I need him more than ever right now. This is an emotional roller coaster and I am glad Gip is there to enjoy the ride with me!! I wanted to make Gip proud of me! We first met at Dollywood, where we both performed in a 50's show there so it was nothing new for him to see me on stage performing, BUT the difference this time around was that I basically was performing in a new body. I was so excited to show Gip what I had accomplished since being here. I was honored to have Gip there cheering me on!!

Props can be fun but usually they can be moved around the stage...NOT A TABLE!! I think Anya and I did a GREAT job incorporating the table into our routine...we started at the table and we ended at the table! Tables aren't just for sitting down and eating folks...you can dance on them too!! LOL

I felt deep down inside that it was my time to go...now this did not mean that I didn't fight every step of the way to stay, BUT sometimes you can just feel when it’s your time to go and I definitely had those feelings! I know people think that I'm very vocal about certain things that have happened throughout this competition, but I live my life not only showing people what I think BUT also telling people my feelings as well. You can call me a b***h or say that I have a bad attitude but I leave this house knowing that I put everything I was going through out on the line...you never had to question how I felt about something because I made it quite clear! I leave this game knowing that I stayed true to myself and I am not remorseful about ANYTHING!!!

I have been given some very valuable tools while here at DYAO! Thanks to Lee, Dr. Geller and Rachel I now know how to take care of my body. I realize that my weight loss journey will be something that I deal with for the rest of my life. I will not allow myself to sink back into my old gluttonous ways. Listen...this was way too hard to go back to the old me...I am now gonna go home and CELEBRATE the new me...I plan on gracing the doorstep of that gym EVERY day!!! I am SO APPRECIATIVE of everyone that I have met during my time on DYAO...I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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