Episode 2 - Let's Get It Started

By permanenteditor
Ask my mom, she has a great story… once when I was living in L.A. years ago I drove my mom up into the Hollywood hills and we drove to the highest point I could find. She tells me now she was nervous that I was going to go so high that we were going to drive off the hillside hehehe. Once we reached the top, I showed her one of the dream houses I wanted to one day live in. It had great views of L.A. and lots of space to live in! Let's just say when I saw the house that we contestants were moving into, I was in total shock because it was exactly like the dream houses I have always wanted to live in! The house was a fantasy, a larger than life home with magic written all over it! I'm totally excited and happy to be living is such a grand mansion!

I thought "great, this is going to be our first introduction to salads and grains" or "prepare to eat like your pet hamster" hehehe. Eating the burrito was fantastic - it was my famous favorite Mexican Breakfast burrito. At first, the taste and enjoyment of eating that delicious meal was great. But after realizing the calorie count, it was painful, eye opening, and totally shocking. I never realized what calories I was putting into my body while eating some of my favorite foods!

I loved our "old skool" dance. This dance style is close to my heart, because I grew up in Fresno, California, and we would have back yard parties and play old skool music, and my twin brother and I would dance together. We would have so much fun with dances like the "cabbage patch, running man, roger rabbit, hammer, etc" hehehehe. I'm proud to represent old skool dance. That was the beginning of my love for dance, rhythm, and music... my twin brother and I would actually dance to these moves in party dance circles!

I was totally excited to partner with Corey. I didn't know what Corey was capable of… he didn't seem to have dance power, but he had charisma and the fun factor on his side. I have a feeling he and I can rock the stage together if we can get along and work well as partners.

Lee is a powerhouse trainer. His work out made me pee my pants, LOL, I'm so nervous of what's to come. My first work out with Lee was killer. I was in pain and embarrassed that I couldn't get through any of his requests and workouts.... I was in the worst shape of my life standing with one of the best trainers. I'm a fool and I'm lost, but I wont give up. I will try to do all he says, it's just I cant breathe hehehe.

I was so nervous, but so on fire to be on stage and show the judges I can move my groove, shake my a**, and dance like no one is watching! I want the judges to see that I have the potential and drive to be here. I can't wait to lose weight and learn more dance styles so I can show case my abilities. I thought that my first performance in front of the judges was good! I wanted to show them I'm a power dancer with energy and joy, and I think I did that!

OMG! WOW! QUE RICO! QUE PERRRRO! I was so happy, excited, and at the same time nervous to now have set the bar so high coming in. I must bring it harder stronger with more dances every week! This is all great!

I feel like I can always shoot for losing more weight. I'm next to the fattest person in the house… I weigh 301.8 pounds. I'm so ready to lose a lot of weight every week, I must get into a healthier, happier body!

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