Episode 7 - Ballroom

Every day is a hard day here. It's hard physically, mentally and emotionally. At this stage in the competition we are all very homesick. When everyone received their packages from home, I was so disappointed that mine didn't arrive. I really was excited to see what my Mom was going to come up with. I kept thinking would she send pictures or a letter from my boyfriend or family? She knows me really well, obviously, and I just had to keep my head up and try to enjoy seeing everyone else open their care packages. It really was nice to see everyone so happy. The mood in the house was mixed with a longing for home, but a new drive to remember why we are here and that we can't give up. We just have to work harder than we ever have and keep going.

I thought Mario and I did a wonderful performance to "Lovin' You". I thought we did everything we were asked to do with the Waltz and honestly, it was hard to fill the music the way I had hoped. Watching it now I realize it was rather slow. I feel as though if I had something a bit more exciting like the Tango or Paso Doble, I may have been able to excite the judges and show them more. I really think my scores were much lower than I deserved this week. I was really disappointed with all 6's from the judges.

I think it's hard to compare all of the routines when they are all different styles. I wish that one week we can all dance together doing the same choreography next to each other. That way we could get a better idea of the level of dance ability comparatively between the all the contestants.


It was so sad, scary and nerve racking to be standing up there in the bottom 3 and then the bottom 2. To know either Erica or I was going home was nauseating. Erica is my closest friend in the house and my roommate. I never thought it would come down to one of us going home. When I lost 6 lbs., it was immediately so bittersweet. I had been working hard all week to lose as much weight as I could and was waiting all day to find out if I did it. Then Mel B finally said it, "Katie you lost 6 lbs." I was happy because that was what I worked so hard to do, but literally it had to be a split second after the words came out of Mel B.'s mouth that I realized my best friend and roommate was going home; And on ballroom week of all weeks for her to leave. I thought she rocked it and was scored too low for her performance.


It's going to be so incredibly hard to move on in this competition without Erica, my roommate, friend and Mom to all of us. Erica we are all going to miss you so much. It does comfort me to know she's going home to her family that loves her and needs her right now. She is going to be bringing all of this new way of living, eating and healthy lifestyle home to her husband and children. I wish I could see her husband's face when he sees her because she looks FABULOUS!!!

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