Episode 8 - Prom Diggity

By permanenteditor
This week was VERY challenging for me...AN AXLE JUMP? I prefer to stay on the ground with my choreography! I have a real hard time with Hip Hop because it's all about feeling the beat and dropping that body down into the groove. I like to stay upright and on the ground. I am slowly overcoming this though, and it's a good thing, because I know that I need to "up my game" on the dance floor in order to stay in this competition!!

I am growing each and every week as a dancer and diminishing as an obese person. If Danny thinks my dancing is becoming more polished it's simply because I am working my a** off! I'm proud of myself, and I also want to reach out to everyone. All of you who tune in on Mondays, I want to say that you are all a part of my success because I want to be a better dancer and a better person for those that are so loyal to Dance Your A** Off. I want to be an inspiration to you all!!

It's getting VERY close to the end for those of us remaining and I really feel like the pressure is getting to all of us! Everyone wants to win, but we know there can only be one! We are all fighting for that spot, and even though I don't think there is a hateful bone in any one's body; there is a lot of competitiveness going on!

I was fortunate enough to attend 3 proms during my high school career and I enjoyed every single one of them! This prom is different for me because I am truly reintroducing myself to the world, not just a group of friends, but THE WORLD. You all have seen me lose it, you might have even seen me shed a tear and quite honestly, that is something I don't share with everyone. I hope that after this episode you all will see how much I want this and how every day I realize that I do deserve to be here no matter what my dance score is and no matter what my weight loss for the week is. I have fight left in me at the end of the day, and I plan to stay true to who I am and not tear anyone down in my pursuit to win this title. Some of you may call me bitter or jealous, but what you see from me in this competition is my love of dance and my strength to make my dreams come true. Call it what you want but I'm not changing!!!

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