He gets into your head when you're training with him.

By permanenteditor
Being at the bottom of the pack really makes you want to push yourself that much harder. I feel that having to face elimination in week 1 put me into a mindset of "I'm not giving up that easily!" I have pushed myself harder in the gym, at rehearsal, and in every other aspect of this competition. I feel like my eating and exercise have greatly improved, and no matter what happens, I will fight to the finish!!

I have had some dramatic gym sessions with Lee, but what I can say is this. Lee, "The General" as we call him, really gets you focused. He gets into your head when you're training with him, and he always tells us to find that place, get in that zone and just go with it. Even when you're completely exhausted, you have to dig deeper and find that place that only you know is there, and kick it into high gear!!!

I LOVE being on stage!!! Being able to perform and show everyone how hard I've worked is such a rush for me. The stage and the rehearsal studio are my place of Zen! If I could, I would dance ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!!!!!!!

The things that I'm learning will not only help me live a healthier lifestyle but will help my family as well. I'm learning how to eat properly, and exercise properly and how to just take better care of myself. I consider myself a good wife and mother, but the tools that I am learning will make me a healthier wife and mother. My family will feel as good as I do when I take these tools home to them.

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