I am a natural born leader.

By permanenteditor
When I saw the casting for DYAO, I just knew that it would be an amazing opportunity to learn and work hard at reaching my goals. I have been dancing my whole life so there is no better way to lose weight than through your true passion.

I was so scared during the medical evaluation! There is nothing more I hate than getting on a scale, and that was truly the worst part for me. When we had to do the breathing test I was so nervous. I always have a cough and I was scared to see what the results were going to be. Luckily Dr. Geller was so amazing and made me feel comfortable.

I was in shock when I found that I had been chosen for the show. I felt like it was a sign and a blessing! I never thought in a million years that I would get it. I am so lucky that I have been given this opportunity. I hated keeping it a secret though! I wanted to call everyone in my phonebook and tell them! I am also so obsessed with twitter and I wished I could tweet it!!! www.twitter.com/reginamina

My main hopes and goals are that I just learn the right way to eat. I overeat and I need to figure out how this can stop. I am also hopeful that I get over my fear of the gym. I have serious gym anxiety and I really need to get over it. I am always so worried about people being not seeing me perfectly done up so I never want to go to the gym. I hate sweating for fear that my hair will curl or my makeup will smear. It is time for me to work past those issues and realize that there is more than a perfect face, and that I can have the body that I have always wanted.

The thing that makes me unique from everyone else is that I am very loud. I hope my bossy side doesn't come out too much! I am a natural born leader and I love people. I think people are really going to like my energy, and I hope that they will see that nothing about me is fake. I am a “what you see is what you get” kind of girl and I am not here to fool anyone.

This season on the show, expect to see amazing dance routines, sexy outfits, long lasting friendships, and a lot of sarcasm!


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