I love to dance so so much.

By permanenteditor
I decided to audition for DYAO because I remember watching the first season thinking to myself, “1. It’s about time there was a show like this, and 2. I bet I could do this!! I love to dance so so much, just ask anyone who knows me! Plus, over the past 6 years, since graduating college and getting married, I've steadily gained weight. I knew I really needed to drop some lbs or I could be headed for some serious health problems, not to mention what the weight gain has done to my self-confidence! As much as I loved to shop, I HATED trying on clothes :-(. It was depressing not fitting into anything cute. I even began to feel self-conscious around my husband! DYAO was the answer. I have tried so many other ways to lose weight. I figured, why not try to lose weight while doing something fun? Brilliant idea, right? Well, telling America, "Hi, I'm Meredith. I'm fat and love to dance" is quite intimidating. Luckily, I have such amazing support from my husband William, my friends, and my family, especially my dad. With all these people behind me, I thought...what do I have to lose?? LOTS OF WEIGHT!! NYC auditions here I come!!

The medical evaluation was quite eye opening for me. I was quite nervous waiting to hear what the doc had to say. I knew I was overweight and I, especially working in health care, knew that my situation could get much worse if I kept this up. However, it wasn't real for me until Dr. Geller brought that to my attention. My blood pressure was hovering on the border of high, and he made it clear that a few years from now, it’s going to be a lot worse if I don't take action. After going through the medical evaluation, it made me realize that losing weight was more than just getting to a size 8. It was about living longer and being healthy. It really put a fresh perspective on losing weight. It made me see that I was doing it for some of the wrong reasons!

When I got the phone call that I was chosen to be on the show, I almost didn't believe it. Really? Me? For real? OMG!! OMG!! For once in my life, I was SPEECHLESS. Not for long though, Then, I started crying. Tears of joy of course!!! My husband and I were jumping up and down like kids on Christmas. He was so excited for me. He knew how important this was for me. I thought to myself...wow I am so lucky to even be considered, let alone chosen. I was so grateful. Everything happens for a reason!! I am here to become the best me I can be and inspire other to do the same. That day I found out that I made the show was one of the best days EVER!!!

I'm the type of person that goes out of my way to help others. I'm the optimist in a group. I'm the inspiration when things get tough. I'm the cheerleader when you need one. I'm the spark that gets the party going. I'm the person who will take one for the team. I'm the one that will step up to lead if needed or follow if that's what's best. I'm always ready for a challenge, and I try to find the positive in every situation. You can count on me and I'll give you 200% everyday. My personality and heart is what makes me unique.

This season is going to be A-MAZ-ING. There are 12 unbelievably talented contestants on this show, and I am SO proud to be one of them :-) What do I bring to the table...I'm the "silent" threat. Behind the perma-grin is a fierce dancer and gym rat. Not what you might expect at first glance. I hit the gym hard and the dance floor even harder! Everyone is going see just how STRONG I am. You will see me go through the most challenging experience of my life. You will see me grow as a person and as a dancer. Most of all you will see that it IS possible to achieve your dreams not matter how big or small!


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