Mel B was out of control Glam-tastic!

I love living in Las VEGAS. It is known as the "City of Sin," but for me it has been the city of "HOPE" and the "Window" to get back into make-up arts and performing arts. I never in the almost 5 yrs I’ve lived in Las VEGAS, have experienced V.I.P. treatment on such a GRAND SCALE (wink) hehe. No but seriously, to enter the hotel suite and see our rooms was fantastic. I’m so grateful to have experienced my hometown in such a new, upgraded, and Glamorous way!

I love Latin Food, and the Beans and Rice were the hardest foods for me to resist at the buffet, so I turned away every time I walked by that section—out of sight, out of mind technique.


The meet and greet with Ruben and the special tour he gave us of the rehearsals and backstage was great! His Role on DYAO inspired so many, including myself. I hope to touch lives just like he did. His personality was Fun, Positive, and I dig that he Lives in VEGAS and is the Head of Costume, Hair, and Make-up Dept. for the Elvis show. I totally get this guy—Ruben Rocks! GlamRockSTARZ baby! Then we got to dance with the amazing pro dancers (I know one of the guys, Alain, was on “America’s Best Dance Crew”), so we were dancing with the best of the best. What a joy and for me a dream opportunity to dance with such talented respected dancers.

Mel B has great respect in our town Vegas. When we walked into the hottest night club on the strip to date, Mel B walked straight in—no waiting in lines—looking Glam-tasticly Beautiful, and we were given the same treatment. Clubbing with Mel B was out of control Glam-tastic! I loved being with Mel-B and having the honor to be with such a respected Talented Sexy Lady! What a GlamRockSTAR she is!

The striptease dancing at Crunch was Sexy and Difficult, yet fun and a good workout! Damn, I struggled a bit with this style. I’m not very flexible in the poses they showed us to do, so I was laughing at myself. I attempted to do "GlamRockSTAR Sexy" hehehehehe. If you can’t do it , fake it till ya make it, and that’s what I tried to do, it was Fun and Funny! I love not taking myself that seriously—it helps lighten up the air!

I enjoyed this week very much! I’m representing Las Vegas "whoo hoooo." It was fun to play the character of a "sexy cop" hahaha. I dug into my inner "burlesque dancer" and I had to be "Naughty" ha hahaaaa. I used my stick and spun it, tossed it, caught it, while dancing choreography. This was challenging and ups the level of difficulty. I was happy to have marched in colorguard "Blue Devils" in Concord, CA. I used to spin a rifle, and this helped me out in this week’s challenge.

I am so grateful to continue on my journey here. I love all of my newfound Friends/Fans. I’m sending you all GlamRockSTAR positive energy, and I am receiving all of your positive energy right back. Thank you for supporting us all on our journey! I promise you I will not give up on myself and I will not give up on "YOU." It helps me to know I’m doing this for me and to hopefully inspire you too!

Respectfully Adamme GlamRockSTAR.

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