Spiderman Push-up.

We are down to the final four! This competition is about getting in touch with multiple dances being performed and rehearsed on a regular basis. As you know, this is only half the competition; weight loss is the other half. And Corey is managing to work his a** off in the gym and keeping himself in the game.

Now that the cast has been to Vegas, received VIP treatment, and are being treated like stars, it's time to bring it up another notch. Besides having them move up to a 10-mile run, I broke out the spiderman push-up. It's like the plank exercise we did during the "Ballroom" episode, except now we are adding the pushup.


These guys (and one girl) could barely do a push-up if they could at all when they first got here. And Michael even doubted himself before trying this one. But he did it and couldn't believe it. Everyone is strong, athletic and looking good. We did 20 push-ups with 10 knee to tri-ceps on each side. Try to get as low as you can without hitting the floor.

*You should consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise routine.

To watch the contestants get a Hollywood makeover, go here.

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