There are now three and this week is all about threes. Our physical challenge this week is like the triathlon, except our version is the tri-ass-a-thon. I took the cast out to the beach and had them carry buckets of water across the beach to fill up a kiddie pool, bike down the beach and back, and then run over a mile and a half in the sand. Michael killed it and won the challenge!

During our workouts this week, we focused on running hard on the treadmill, cranking out some sprints on the bike, and since I didn't know if we were going to swim or not for the challenge, I did the stationary swimmie exercise on the floor of the gym. Laying on your stomach, extend both arms and legs out. Keep them straight, raise them as high as you can, and alternate opposite arm/leg movements, staying up as high as you can off the floor. This is a great exercise to strengthen the muscles that run along your spine, the erector spinae that help support your posture and back muscles, 50 each side.


In addition to the exercises performed here, half of our other workouts were heavy strength training with weights. You need to build muscle in order to burn the most calories, so we hit the weights hard. We went from 6 reps max to 20 max. That means once you get to 6 or whatever the rep count was for that exercise, you should be so fatigued you can't lift another rep. I also varied the time between exercises for different workouts and also slowed down the pace of the lifting movement.

It's important to switch up the variables in training to keep your body guessing and burning the most calories. Our bodies are an amazing system as they quickly adapt to the stresses placed on them.

Good luck on your journey to success, whatever it may be. Just remember to be positive and stay focused. You can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Our mind is the biggest obstacle and once you beat that, you are golden.

Dance and train your a** off!

*You should consult with your doctor before beginning an exercise routine.

To watch a video of the triathlon, go here.

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