The Rhumba Room is amazing!

By permanenteditor
The Rhumba Room is amazing! The Latin dance floor burns up with salseros and I was excited to dance on that floor!

I partnered up with Briana because I saw a fire in her at the L.A. auditions. Briana has charisma and power in her dance, and she is down to earth, authentic, and humble! She reminded me of a female version of myself.

When I found out I was anemic, I was shocked and extremely nervous. I wasn't as concerned about my health at first, I was more concerned about being disqualified from DYAO. Once I was admitted into the hospital, the reality hit me when the doctor said, "This is a life and death situation. Adamme you have lost a lot of your blood, you will need a blood transfusion to save your life". I realized then that I was in much bigger trouble than I thought. However I am extremely grateful to Dr. Jordan Gellar and the other surgeons at the hospital who patched me up and gave me my 7 pints of blood transfusions. I owe a huge thank you forever to those special doctors!

I knew I was a sick guy, and I was weak and very worried that my dance abilities would be as weak as my body...I tell you the truth when I say I couldn't even get out of bed or walk upstairs to my bedroom without getting winded and having my heart race and pound out of my chest. I also knew with this new blood in my body, I could have had an adverse reaction and I would have been in even bigger trouble. But I needed to believe with my heart and soul that I could beat this obstacle. God didn't put me in the game this far to send me home so quick. I chose to fight with my spirit, and I would run mental run-throughs of the choreography in my head from what I could remember. They changed some parts and I had to learn them right before going on stage. This was stressful and pressure like never before but I always knew I was going to fight for my right to stay!

I liked our salsa routine...although the music wasn't salsero we rocked it! By the grace of god I partnered with Briana and I felt that she and I rocked the floor and we were in sync!

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