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A Villainous Plan

S8/EP24 |
Aired: 03/27/2020
A bank executive tries to rob his own bank. Investigators think it is an inside job but eventually learn the crime is connected to a spree carried out by men who managed to keep their identities secret, praying on people who did the opposite. 1:27:36

Death Trap

S8/EP23 |
Aired: 03/20/2020
Dateline has been covering this twisted tale for more than a decade. Pizza deliveryman Brian Wells robbed a bank with a bomb locked around his neck and, from there, it turned into one of the strangest cases the FBI has ever encountered 1:27:36

One Moment

S8/EP22 |
Aired: 03/13/2020
She was a young mom, pregnant with her second child, when she was gunned down on her way to work. Police zeroed in on the men in her life. To help find her killer, her sisters became amateur detectives and uncovered a secret. 1:27:36

The Man Who Wasn't There

S8/EP21 |
Aired: 03/06/2020
He was the hardworking dad, she the doting mom. In the still of the night, strangers armed with knives destroyed all they had built together. Turns out, someone was hiding an ugly secret. Police would hatch an elaborate plan to uncover the truth. 1:27:36

The Carrollton Plot

S8/EP20 |
Aired: 02/28/2020
This is a story about faith, temptation and secrets. A churchgoing mom was shot at point-blank range in her garage. Saving her would take a miracle and investigators wanted to know if this crime was random or if someone wanted her dead. 1:27:36

Angels and Demons

S8/EP19 |
Aired: 02/21/2020
Angel's Landing was a community of free-spirits with Lou Castro at its center. Investigators were suspicious of the mysterious deaths happening there. Now, commune members have courageously decided to tell their stories in hopes of helping others. 1:27:36