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Mystery on the Mississippi – Parts 1 and 2

S9/EP43 |
Aired: 01/07/2021
A mother of four dies unexpectedly on Valentine’s Day. Everyone in town assumes she died of natural causes until a detective suspects someone has gotten away with murder. But would a jury agree? 1:27:36

The Ultimatum

S9/EP41 |
Aired: 01/21/2021
Michele and Lloyd Neurauter were devoted to their three daughters, even after divorce. When Michele was found dead in her home, police suspected suicide. Then, they uncovered a deadly betrayal too twisted to be true. Except that it was. 43:54

On the Outskirts of Town

S9/EP40 |
Aired: 01/14/2021
Halee Rathgeber enjoyed taking care of others, so it made sense that she hoped to become a nurse. What made no sense was that someone wanted her dead. The crime scene told detectives little, but a jaw-dropping moment in the courtroom spoke volumes. 43:54

Something Wicked

S9/EP38 |
Aired: 12/31/2020
Skylar Neese was everything her parents hoped for, but their world turned upside down when she vanished without a trace. At first, police thought she ran away but hints on social media pointed to a more sinister reason for her disappearance. 43:54

Secrets on the Emerald Coast

S9/EP37 |
Aired: 12/25/2020
Marie Carlson was radiant but behind the glow she hid a darkness. For a while, Marie drifted but, then, a pastor and his wife welcomed her into their lives. It was a spiritual awakening which made Marie’s disappearance all the more mysterious. 43:54

Evil Intent

S9/EP36 |
Aired: 12/18/2020
Jessica Nelson was a hardworking single mom. Then, one morning, she was found dead in her home. The discovery left her family shattered and their ordeal had just begun. Turns out, the killer was someone they knew. 43:54