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The Threat

S8/EP14 |
Aired: January 17, 2020
She was a divorced mother excited about her next chapter in life. Then, five gunshots shattered her plans. Proving who murdered Joan Lockwood was a daunting task for police. An ominous killer was still out there and her family was living in fear. 43:54

Deadly Detour

S8/EP13 |
Aired: January 10, 2020
Diane McIver was a successful businesswoman who enjoyed a lavish lifestyle with her husband. Then she was gone. It was a mystery riddled with privilege and power, but investigators needed to answer a crucial question: was this an accident or murder? 43:54

The Other Side Of Paradise

S8/EP12 |
Aired: January 3, 2020
Sandra Galas was born and raised in paradise. So how did something so ugly happen there? Police investigated two men in Sandra’s life, but the case went cold. Her father refused to give up, relentlessly pursuing the truth for more than a decade. 43:54

Deep In The Woods

S8/EP11 |
Aired: December 27, 2019
Kelli Bordeaux was just starting what she hoped to be a long career in the military, but fate had other plans. When she vanished, friends and family launched a frantic search, but it was stranger hell-bent on justice who uncovered the ugly truth. 43:54

At Close Range

S8/EP10 |
Aired: December 20, 2019
Keith Reed was a highly-regarded school superintendent. When he didn’t show up at an out-of-town conference, it set off alarm bells. Investigators took a hard look at his love life for clues and made a startling discovery. 43:54

Under a Halloween Moon

S8/EP9 |
Aired: December 13, 2019
It was just before Halloween. Joel Lovelien and his fiancé headed to a local bar packed with people in costume. Then, Joel stepped outside and walked into a troubling mystery. Police rounded up potential suspects, but could they unmask a killer? 43:54