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Dateline: Secrets Uncovered

Somebody's Daughter

S3/EP4 | Aired:
July 14, 2018
Detectives often hit dead ends that can stop them cold but, for one young detective, dead ends were just another place to start. She'd beaten the odds in her own life. Now, she was determined to beat them on the job using her head and her heart. (01:27:36)
Dateline: Secrets Uncovered

Silent Witness

S4/EP1 | Aired:
July 13, 2018
Michelle Young was married to her college sweetheart and pregnant with their second child when she was murdered. In the search for her killer, detectives uncovered a marriage riddled with secrets but cracking this complicated case took years. (43:54)
Dateline: Secrets Uncovered


S3/EP3 | Aired:
July 7, 2018
It began with a young mom abducted at gunpoint. Her family and veteran investigators spent desperate days trying to find out where she was but they never could have guessed WHO had her and WHY. (01:27:36)
Dateline: Secrets Uncovered

Someone Was Watching

S3/EP2 | Aired:
June 30, 2018
It was a plot straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock film. A woman peers into a neighbor's yard and catches a glimpse of something unsettling. What she saw and what she did set a chain of events in motion that would divide a family and a jury. (43:54)
Dateline: Secrets Uncovered

Over the Edge

S3/EP1 | Aired:
June 23, 2018
What happened that September night when romance turned to danger? Something went terribly wrong and a woman slipped over the edge of a cliff. Did she fall by accident or was she pushed? It would take almost 20 years to find answers. (43:54)
Dateline: Secrets Uncovered


S2/EP16 | Aired:
June 16, 2018
At first it looked like a home invasion gone wrong, a robbery that resulted in the murder of Ralph Candelario’s wife, Pam. Ralph was found at the crime scene dazed and confused but his confusing story had police questioning his version of events. (43:54)

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