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Angels and Demons

S8/EP19 |
Aired: February 21, 2020
Angel's Landing was a community of free-spirits with Lou Castro at its center. Investigators were suspicious of the mysterious deaths happening there. Now, commune members have courageously decided to tell their stories in hopes of helping others. 1:27:36

Inside The Hunt For El Chapo

S8/EP18 |
Aired: February 14, 2020
For over a decade, El Chapo evaded authorities but one man was determined to catch the infamous kingpin. Former DEA agent Andrew Hogan comes out of the shadows to detail his search and capture with never-before-seen videos and photographs. 43:54

The Capture

S8/EP17 |
Aired: February 7, 2020
Amanda Lindhout was a journalist braving the world’s most dangerous hotspots. Then, she became the story. What she endured from her captors was terrifying. Years later they found her again and secret agents put a daring undercover sting into action. 43:54


S8/EP16 |
Aired: January 31, 2020
This is a story of teens, text messages and a complicated search for the truth. Conrad Roy had vanished. Turns out, he shared a secret with someone close to him. What that confidant did and did not do with the information shattered two families. 43:54

What They Saw

S8/EP15 |
Aired: January 24, 2020
Detectives believed two young children witnessed the unthinkable, the brutal murder of their mother. The prosecution’s case would be built around what they thought those kids observed, but was another version of events possible? 43:54

The Threat

S8/EP14 |
Aired: January 17, 2020
She was a divorced mother excited about her next chapter in life. Then, five gunshots shattered her plans. Proving who murdered Joan Lockwood was a daunting task for police. An ominous killer was still out there and her family was living in fear. 43:54