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S7/EP12 |
Aired: July 19, 2019
Police believed a pair of double homicides in Nebraska, five years apart, might be connected. Investigators working to solve the crimes feared the killer might strike again. Could they catch him in time? 01:27:36

Deadly Valentine

S7/EP11 |
Aired: July 12, 2019
For a day that ended so tragically, it started with roses. Nathan and Denise Leuthold had known each other since grade school. Together they built their family on faith, but in a flash, one of them was dead and the other was under suspicion. 01:27:34

Plot Twist

S7/EP10 |
Aired: July 5, 2019
For a group of stage actors, life seemed to be imitating art in the worst way when a young college student was killed. Police believed they knew who was responsible, but this mystery had a grand finale no one saw coming. 01:27:34

A Shot in the Dark

S7/EP9 |
Aired: June 28, 2019
What happened in Cara Ryan's bedroom was a mystery. She admitted she shot her ex-husband, but investigators needed to know if it was murder or self-defense. Detectives heard several versions of the story, but for a jury, there was only one truth. 01:27:36

Stealing Paradise

S7/EP8 |
Aired: June 21, 2019
A group of adventurous Americans thought they had found paradise. It was a tropical hideaway, the kind of place where people didn't ask a lot of questions about their neighbors, until some of those neighbors started to disappear. 43:54

Tangled Web

S7/EP6 |
Aired: June 7, 2019
Sam and Danielle Dreher appeared to have a storybook marriage but this ending was not happily ever after. When Sam was murdered, investigators discovered a twisted tale of secrets, lies and infidelity. 43:54

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