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Before Dawn

S10/EP53 |
Aired: 05/11/2022
Lisa Techel was newly married and pregnant when a shotgun blast ended everything. Police questioned the neighbor, who had a gun and a grudge. There were whispers that her husband had a secret. The case tested three juries then took one final twist. 1:25:30

Mystery in Big Sky Country

S10/EP52 |
Aired: 05/04/2022
When a handsome veterinarian is found dead in a small Montana town, it launches a mystery that remains unsolved for years. After nearly two decades, investigators think they can solve it, but know convincing a jury will be no easy task. 1:25:30

Secrets in the Smoky Mountains

S10/EP51 |
Aired: 04/27/2022
Bob McClancy was a beloved detective. When his death was ruled a suicide, loved ones were suspicious. United by grief, his widow and good friend found themselves falling in love. Then Bob’s son started asking questions and uncovered a secret. 1:25:36

The Disappearance of Laci Peterson

S10/EP50 |
Aired: 04/20/2022
After following the case for more than fifteen years, Dateline delivers a comprehensive report with rarely seen interrogation video, new insight from prosecutors, and surprising details from the other woman, Amber Frey, who helped uncover the truth. 1:25:36

The Target

S10/EP49 |
Aired: 04/13/2022
As a love triangle between a podiatrist, his estranged wife and his new girlfriend took shape, a luxury car salesman got a surprising visit from a beautiful former customer. She was not looking to buy a car. She wanted someone murdered. 42:54

Evil Was Watching

S10/EP48 |
Aired: 04/06/2022
Michella and Jenni were from the same town and both loved riding bikes. They did not know each other but were forever connected by their unsolved murders. Someone else their age grew up to become a detective. Now, she is trying to solve their cases. 42:54

Latest Clips

Who Shot Lisa Techel?
Dateline: Secrets Uncovered

Who Shot Lisa Techel?

S10/EP53 The soon-to-be-mother was found dead after a gunshot wound. Her husband, Seth Techel, tells cop he knows who shot her.
What Happened to Dr. Bryan Rein?
Dateline: Secrets Uncovered

What Happened to Dr. Bryan Rein?

S10/EP52 With conflicting evidence and a number of suspects, investigators are left with a classic "whodunit" case.
Loved Ones Reminisce About Laci Peterson
Dateline: Secrets Uncovered

Loved Ones Reminisce About Laci Peterson

S10/EP50 Friends and family gather to share intimate details on Laci Peterson: "She could smile and you would know that's the girl you're going to spend the rest of the night talking [with]."