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Mystery in Mustang

S7/EP21 |
Aired: September 20, 2019
Keith Bryan was a beloved fire chief, a pillar of his community. Then he was shot in his home, leaving police to wonder who would want to hurt the local hero? Turns out, someone was living a secret life, and it was about to be exposed. 43:54

The Girl With The Red Shoes

S7/EP20 |
Aired: September 13, 2019
Annie Kasprzak has a second chance at a happy life after being adopted by her case worker. Then, the 15-year-old vanishes. Her parents find a note in her room that reveals a secret Annie has been hiding. 43:54

Broken Bonds

S7/EP19 |
Aired: September 6, 2019
A quiet night was shattered when intruders terrorized a Florida couple and their young son, killing one of them. Investigators questioned the initial story. Then, a tip led them to another family with dark secrets, and that's when bonds were tested. 43:54

Mystery at Ascot Estates

S7/EP18 |
Aired: August 30, 2019
It was Friday the 13th and something sinister was about to happen: a chilling double murder in an upscale home. The evidence seemed to tell a clear story. Then investigators discovered a marriage filled with secrets and a story that didn’t add up. 43:54

Betrayal of Trust

S7/EP17 |
Aired: August 23, 2019
Deede Keller had a loving family, a tight circle of friends and a new man in her life. When she vanished, disturbing clues would point investigators to a suspect with a dark secret. The case provided a twist that left the courtroom astonished. 43:54

Murder in Broad Daylight

S7/EP16 |
Aired: August 16, 2019
He dreamed of being the next Steve Jobs, a young entrepreneur who wanted to change the world. But his world came crashing down one morning with four gunshots. This was a crime of passion: a fatal triangle involving a husband, a wife and a boss. 43:54