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Deadly Twist

S6/EP12 |
Aired: March 22, 2019
When Todd Winkler was arrested for killing his wife Rachel, he claimed self-defense. Investigators learned Rachel wasn’t the first Mrs. Winkler to die and traveled cross country to understand what happened on that camping trip a decade earlier. 01:27:34

The Trap

S6/EP11 |
Aired: March 15, 2019
It was an affluent neighborhood with tree lined streets. Violent crime was unheard of here until that morning when, under the very noses of the cops, a terrible murder occurred. Investigators found a riddle, a deception, a piece of pure evil. 01:27:36

Internal Affairs

S6/EP10 |
Aired: March 8, 2019
A beautiful, popular graduate student is shot dead outside her apartment in Durham, North Carolina. Who would want her dead, and why? 01:27:34

The Shadow

S6/EP9 |
Aired: March 1, 2019
The save the date cards had gone out. Angie Ver Huel went to sleep next to her fiancé, Justin Michael, with big dreams but woke up to a nightmare. Someone was running from their bedroom and Justin was dead. Why did the killer target him, sparing her? 01:27:34

Deadly Trust

S6/EP8 |
Aired: February 22, 2019
Wealthy residents felt safe in their gated community but it was not safe for one millionaire, murdered in his waterfront home. Police investigated but the case grew cold. Turned out the key to solving it, or two keys, were right at the front door. 43:54

Good and Evil


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