Worst Date Ever: Flo Ditches a Pervy Dude

By Oxygen

In anticipation of Find Me My Man premiering tomorrow night, Flo from Season 4 of Bad Girls Club describes her cringe-worthy Worst Date Ever. Warning: you will need to take a shower after you read this.

My worst date ever was me and a guy were driving to a spot in Queens to eat and then go look at the view. Things were going great until he pulls me so close I could smell the clams on his lips. He then proceeds to grab my hand and put it on his crotch and says "who needs the moon when you got my you-know-what in your hands?" I immediately called him a perv and left.

Ew. Word to the wise fellas, if you want a date with Flo (or any lady), keep it in your pants.

Tune in to 'Find Me My Man' for more bad dates...and some good ones...premiering Tuesday at 9/8c.


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