Mothers Drive Women Crazy But They’re Also Their Number One Role Models & Best Friends!

Survey Sheds Light on the Complex Relationship Between Young Women and Their Mothers


Recently, Oxygen Media brought America Fix My Mom,” a new series which explores the complex dynamics between mother-daughter pairs, as they work to salvage the troubled relationship they hold most dear.  Now, Oxygen is providing more light on the this complicated bond between mothers and daughters with the release of a new survey.

Oxygen, in conjunction with Research Now, queried over 1,000 women and men (ages 18 – 49) on all things about moms – the strengths and weaknesses in their relationships, and what gives them both comfort and what drives them to tears.   Here’s a look at some of the top-line results:

Mom as Friend, Role Model Advisor:  The women in this survey had many great things to say about mom.  Seventy-percent of the women surveyed said their mother is “one of their best friends,” versus  61 percent  of men.  Sixty-two percent of women proclaimed that their mother was “their biggest role model,” while 69 percent said their mom “influences my decisions,” versus only 58 percent for the male survey respondents.  With all the above positives, 61 percent of women said they think their relationship with their mom “can get better.”  Sixty-six percent of women claimed they were “becoming more like my mom as I get older.”

Mom Positives: Moms also seem to have many positive impacts on a woman’s life.  Eighty-one percent of women surveyed say their mom has a positive impact on “their education,” 79 percent on their “overall happiness,” 77 percent on “my trust in others” and 76 percent on “my confidence.”

Mom Problems:   With all the love above it might be surprising to find that 33 percent of the women surveyed say they “argue too much with my mother.”   The reasons:  34 percent find their mother “overcritical;” 29 percent “too controlling;” 29 percent say “she doesn’t listen,” 27 percent say “she treats me like a kid.”  Fourteen percent of women claim their dissatisfaction is caused by their mother “acting younger than she is” and 8 percent because “she parties too much.”  The worst traits women say their mother has: 44 percent claim she’s “too moody;” 41 percent claim she’s “too critical” and 31 percent say she is “too controlling.” 

Moms Are More Likely to Drive Their Daughters Crazy than Their Sons, The Cougar Factor:  Though they love their mother, 67 percent of the women surveyed claimed “she sometimes drives me crazy,” versus only 56 percent of the male respondents.  Another potential reason for the mom-crazies?  Seven percent of the women claim their mother “dated someone close to my age,” and six-percent claimed “my mother and I dated the same person!”

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Source: Research Now. N=1214. P18-49. Fielded October 2015. “Agree,” “Claim,” or “Say” indicates top 2 box agreement (“agree strongly” or “agree somewhat”).  Research Now is a leader in digital data collection.

Sneak Peek the season finale of Fix My Mom here:

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