Nikki On Designs, Dads, and Denyce (GCLA, Ep. 3)

By Nikki GFC

I was completely confused and heartbroken seeing Denyce that upset at Eva’s party. No one wants to see their friend that upset. But I wasn’t surprised she didn't show up for cocktails that night. She and Eva had not spoken to each other for days. I think it was fair for Eva to be upset at Denyce for her party ending so quickly. Eva puts a lot of effort and energy into entertaining. I think she was upset with both Denyce and Stephanie for causing a scene. It was unfortunate that it had to happen that way.

I was happy that Denyce and Eva were able to get past their differences. We are a great group of friends and anytime one is missing it just doesn't feel the same. I agree with Eva that having a life coach is beneficial to most people. They help you through tough times in your life, offer amazing advice, and can be very useful since they are removed from your life and can offer a neutral opinion. We all have strong opinions. I was shocked Kelly said that Denyce should see a doctor. I personally don’t agree with medication or drugs. I am more of a natural kind of girl. However, she is entitled to say what she feels. At the end of the day we were all just trying to suggest some kind of help.

My experience on the set of my photo shoots is filled with pressure, energy, and fun. Seeing a product you have designed and developed is one of the most exciting moments in a designer’s life. It means you are in the final stages of completion and about to reveal your designs to the world. I have many favorite things to design, I would say fashion accessories (jewelry and handbags) are some of my favorite things to design because as a woman these are things we use daily.

My relationship with my father is still new, and I'm enjoying the process of getting to know him and starting this new journey to rebuild our broken relationship. I am not surprised that I was hearing from him so much, we have been a work in progress trying to develop a father-daughter relationship. I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life with him in it. I felt overwhelmed when my dad said he wanted to come to LA only because this is all so new for me. I decided to talk to T.O. Because I knew he had just met his father as an adult. Most people would not understand what that feels like unless it has happened to them. I appreciated his input, it definitely put things into perspective for me. I also appreciated Eva's point of view, however she has had her father in her life and has an amazing relationship with him. I am still building my relationship with my dad and learning about him as a man and as a father. It is just a process I want to go through on my own, and when I'm ready to involve Jason, I will. I am taking my time during this process, and want to learn about myself and my father through it. Being a young girl without a father can create a lot of personal issues, and now that I am getting to know my dad I have to face some of those personal obstacles.

When I found out Eva was given a transgender role to audition for, at first I thought it was funny and laughed, but when I saw how upset she was, I assured her that it was a true test of her acting skills. I thought she would be able to nail it, and thought it would add some diversity to her already amazing body of work.

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